What to know about Electronic cigarettes

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We all know about the risk of smoking tobacco cigarettes, but a lot of individuals are hooked with this. It has been a habit to light a cigar after eating, while having coffee or drinking alcohol, when feeling depress and just killing time. Those activities have led you to a habitual smoking. Sometimes, we just can’t stop the urge for it as if it is an addiction. And then, when you run out of cigars, you will do all it takes just to get one. That’s how crazy people are for smoking.

A pack of cigar is getting expensive and it is also sometimes not easy to find, especially if you are in a remote area. And then, when you visit some places, you will just be surprised that smoking is not allowed. So, we now have an alternative to tobacco smoking and that is an electronic cigarette or e-cig. A lot of manufacturers are already promoting the electronic cigaretteor e cig in the market. It is indeed confusing to buy one because they have a wide range of e cig brands, designs and features.

Pretty sure that you can hear different stories about an electronic cigarette. Some people are using this because they would like to stop or minimize smoking tobacco while some of them just want to go with the flow because they feel like it is the latest fashion or trend today among teens. Whatever stories or reasons you have been hearing from e cig users, it is still important for you to know everything about it. We have here facts and information that you need to learn about an e cig.

What is an e cig?

What to know about Electronic cigarettes 1

An electronic cigarette or e cig are also called as e-vaporizers or vape. Some people also have nicknames for this e cig like e-hookahs, vape pens and mods. This is a device that is a battery-operated. It may or may not contain nicotine, depending on the e-juice that you want to use. And then, they also come in different sizes, colors, shapes and designs.

It has different components. You may click this to see how they are. It usually contains a cartridge, where you are going to add the e-juice. The juice comes in various flavors, such as vanilla, coffee, berries, chocolate and coffee. We also have the atomizer, which heats the juice and turns to vapor. Batteries, which is the only power source, are needed for this device to work. And then, we have the mouthpiece, where you inhale the vapor or the aerosol.

If you will buy an electronic cigarette, you do not usually buy it as a complete set. You have to purchase every component separately. And then, the vape shop will have someone to build it up for you. Some of the parts that you also need to buy is the coil and the cotton, which needs to be attached manually inside the atomizer. The cotton is where you are going to drop the e-juice and it have been usually inside the coil. And then, after building it, you will need to set or adjust the power, which is also used to determine the amount or heaviness of vape or smoke.

Facts about an e-cig


Do you know that most e-juice also contains nicotine? This only means that when you use this e cig, then you are just like smoking a tobacco, right? Therefore, if someone will tell you that he is using an electronic cigarette because he already stopped with the tobacco, then ask him to show you his e-juice. You can find there if the juice container does not contain nicotine.

Why don’t you ask a professional about what he can say about nicotine? This may lead you to addiction, too. In my opinion, teens must stay away from it because this may affect your brain functions. It would be great, if you can check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicotine to know more about the effects of nicotine in your body.

When you are using the electronic cigarette, you are just like smoking a tobacco because your lung is also exposed to different chemicals. Therefore, we can say that an e cig is also dangerous to our health. That is why we need to let our young teens about the health risk.

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