Best Home Remedy For Yellow Teeth

Yellow Teeth

Teeth bleaching or whitening is the process of getting strain free teeth. Home remedy for teeth is used for removing plaques, strain from teeth. There are various causes of yellow teeth- excess coffee, beverages, tobacco, poor brushing your teeth, emotional shocks. Symptoms may be as follows- teeth looks with yellow strain. There is some home remedy which is used for yellow teeth are as follows:

Mix baking soda, vinegar and table salt which can be rubbed on teeth for removing yellow strain.

Mix tulsi leaves with dried rind of orange and use this paste as teeth cleaner

Mix 2 drops of hydrogen per oxide with half tablespoon of baking soda. And this paste is now applied on teeth, there can be irritation in some cases but it will not harm your teeth and removes strain from teeth.

Mix baking soda with iodine salt which may be used as natural teeth cleaner and add 1 teaspoon and pinch of salt to it. This can be effective treatment for yellow teeth.

Crushed walnuts can also be used as teeth cleaner

Grind 3 strawberries to make it small pieces. This can be used as teeth whitening paste.

Rind orange fruit may have teeth whitening properties. So rub your teeth with inner part of rind orange and effective results may be seen within a week

Teeth may be brushed with salvia leaves which can be used for whitening your teeth and it may be also used in many medical problems like sweating problem etc.