Major Angina Symptoms In Women

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Angina is a medical condition in which the heart gets deprived of oxygen due to the reduced blood flow. This reduced blood flow may occur as a result of blockage in the coronary arteries. Due to this a severe pain is experienced in the chest. Sometimes this pain can also be experienced in other body parts like back, arms, shoulder etc. Angina points out the fact that the patient is suffering from an underlying heart problem or a coronary heart disease. Men and women may experiences different symptoms of this condition. Angina symptoms in women are discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.

Major Angina Symptoms In Women

Although women are less likely to suffer from Angina as compared to men, but they are cannot be totally safe from it. It is therefore essential that they understand the symptoms of Angina so that they can receive proper help on time.

The first and the foremost symptoms experienced by women is discomfort or pain in chest region. The pain can even be experienced in other body parts such as arms, back, shoulders, neck or jaw. A pressing or squeezing feeling is experienced by women that last for two to five minutes. Some women may not at all experience any chest pain but sever pain in any other body part. Thus, unnatural pain in any body part must not be ignored by women and proper help should be immediately sought.
Vomiting and nausea: This is another symptom that is commonly experienced by both men and women. Women may feel uneasy and may vomit. This can be the sign of Angina.
Weakness: Due to the reduced blood flow to the heart, it is likely that the suffering woman feels tired and sleepy. Thus this should also be taken as a symptom of Angina in women.
Some women also find it difficult to sleep if they suffer from Angina. Although this symptom is quite vague yet it does exist in case of many women.
Among the long list of angina symptoms in women, sweating is another one. Women experience profuse sweating without any reason. Sweating can also happen in cold months. This symptom should be taken as a serious symptom of Angina.
Anxiety: This symptom is experienced by women as they get inkling that something is not right with their body. They may feel worried without any apparent reason. But the actual cause of their anxiety could be Angina.
Lightheadedness: Again, due to shortage of blood supply in the arteries, women are likely to feel dizzy or light headed.
Sensation of heartburn: heartburn sensation is a very common symptom for Angina patients. The patient can also have digestion problems as a result of Angina.
Any of the above angina symptoms in women should not be ignored and proper help should be taken immediately to prevent a heart attack. This article about health of the heart can help women in understanding the preventive methods to be used to stay away from this dangerous condition and live a healthy life.

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