How the Vaginal pH levels influence Your Pregnancy


Do you want to have a baby? Then, you should have to maintain your health condition. One of the most important health conditions is pH levels in your body. Sometimes, due to fungal or bacterial infections, you can miss a whole cycle of fertility. The pH levels in your blood play an important role in your fertility. The range of pH levels in the human body is 0 to 14. The pH level 0 refers the most acidic, pH level 7 refers neutral and pH level 14 means the most alkaline. A balanced pH level helps to maintain your body’s metabolic functions. The pH levels are different in different body parts.

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Importance of vaginal pH levels

The range of normal vaginal pH levels is 3.8 to 4.5 and it helps to prevent fungal and bacterial infections. Lactobacillus bacterium, which lives in the vagina, secretes hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid. This controls acidic pH levels of the vagina. The vaginal pH levels are changeable throughout your life. Generally, it is more than 4.5 at the beginning of your menstrual period and after your menopause. It is more than 4.5 at your reproductive period without causing any infection. Level of pH in pregnancy is an important factor. Acidic vaginal pH causes a problem for sperm. An alkaline environment is essential for sperm to survive and swim towards egg for fertilization. Usually, a woman’s body can adjust sperm-friendly pH level by the secretion of fertile cervical mucus during ovulation. During ovulation increasing the levels of estrogen hormone, results change in quantity and cervical mucus pH to produce fertile cervical mucus. This condition helps sperm to reach egg for fertilization. Some outside factors like PCOS, toxins, smoking, fertility medications and weight changes can disrupt the fertilization procedure. A healthy acidic pH is important to conception and your pregnancy.

Reasons for changing your vaginal pH

There are several reasons which cause changes in your vaginal pH levels. Some of these are:

  • Bacterial Vaginosis: It is a medical condition which is made due to the presence of more bacteria in your vagina. This condition helps to increase your vaginal pH level. This condition can cause burning and itching sensation and pain in the vagina. You may feel burning sensation to urinate.
  • Douching: Using of the solution, which contains baking soda or vinegar, for cleaning vagina is called douching. This solution removes good bacteria and creates an imbalance in vaginal pH which can cause infections.
  • Menopause: During menopause your pH levels become high and estrogen levels become low. This condition can change your vaginal pH level.
  • Another kind of vaginal infection: Infections like Trichomonas vaginitis and GBS (group B Streptococcus) can increase your vaginal pH levels.
  • Entering of semen: Semen is basic in nature. It helps to increase temporarily the vaginal pH level which is acidic.
  • Using antibiotics: Sometimes, you can use antibiotic medicines to destroy harmful bacteria. But, these antibiotics also kill good bacteria which are present in your vagina. Then, it condition creates an imbalance in your vaginal pH levels.
  • UTI (Urinary tract infection): Having a high level of pH, there is a risk to develop UTI. Urinary tract infections can cause due to the reduction of estrogen hormone during menopause and pre-menopause condition.

You can maintain balanced vaginal pH levels in pregnancy for a healthy pregnancy condition.