Are pedicures, manicures or nails safe to use during pregnancy


Kudos! You are pregnant and it may seem that the least important things are going to make feel nausea. If you keep on worrying about the harsh chemicals even a relaxing day at the spa may work out to be a headache. Now the question is how much you need to worry about a mini pad when you happen to be pregnant.


The natural colour of your nail changes?

It might surprise you but one of the benefits of pregnancy is a pair of healthy nails. The body is at a stage where healthy growth and development of your baby is assured. These hormones are going to have a considerable impact on your body and this is in the region where it grows frequently. Certain changes in your skin could also be witnessed be it a pimple outbreak. The shinier strong nails are at a temporary one, so you can enjoy them while it is there.

If you do feel that the nails are becoming a bit more brittle during pregnancy then pay due consideration to your diet.Lack of iron, calcium or vitamin B is going to contribute to weakened nails. If your doctor is of the opinion that there is no problem with the diet and still weak nails exist, then there is no cause of worry. Just consider it as a quirk at this point and it is a passing phase. Are manicures safe during pregnancy and the answer has to be yes?

Would nails and manicures during pregnancy a viable option?

If you plan to paint your nails during pregnancy it is a safe bet. A little polish if it makes you relax would be great and there is no harm in that. First and foremost you would need to consider the nail polish. There is a myth among pregnant women that the harsh chemicals in the nail polish could go on to have an impact on the developing fetus.

The choice of a nail salon also has an important role when it evolves down to the safety and security aspect. Any harsh or strong smell could really be irritating during the period of pregnancy. Wearing a surgical mask, sitting next to the window or opting for a well-ventilated salon is some ways where you can reduce exposure to fumes.

Make it a point that the salon that you use sterilizes all the equipment before it is put to use. During pregnancy stage your immune system is not that developed, so it is better to keep out of reach with contaminated tools.

With the aid of a pedicure your swollen feet is put to rest. Do ask the person attending on you not to rub your ankles.

Home spa treatments works out to be the best option

If smoke or nausea emerging from the saloon does make it hard for you to relax, then do enjoy some primping. A willing partner and a basin of warm water is all what you need.