An Overview Of Diet To Lower Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

High Blood pressure can be treated through natural methods. Diet plays a crucial role in the lowering of blood pressure. A well balanced diet full of fruits, vegetable and other natural herbs significantly lowers the blood pressure. A diet to lower blood pressure is followed religiously can do wonders for the health of patients with high blood pressure.

Instead of taking three large meals, it is recommended to take five small meals in a day. This helps in easy digestion of food and puts the digestive system at ease thereby controlling blood pressure. The diet should consist of a bowl of salad, at least two fruits per day, dry fruits, pulses, vegetables.

One should avoid eating processed food as far as possible since in contains high amount of salt fat and sugar. Frozen and tinned food should also be avoided. Include seasonal fruits in your diet as they have high nutritional content. Refrain from adding extra sugar or salt to your food. Instead of deep frying the food, it is advisable to bake or steam the food. This preserves the nutrients of the food and also helps in  digestion. Freshly made soups can also be a delicious option.

Garlic has been proven to lower the level of blood sugar. Include it in your diet by either eating it raw or cooking it along with the vegetables. But it is always a better option to eat it in the raw form.  Garlic has certain substances that prevent the thickening of blood vessels and also prevents clotting.

Legumes like kidney beans and black beans should be included in the diet as they are a rich source of magnesium and potassium both of which are highly effective in the treatment of high blood pressure. Vegetables like broccoli and celery have been proven to reduce the blood pressure. Broccoli keeps the insulin levels under control and celery contains an ingredient known as Phthalide which help in the smooth flow of blood.  Tomatoes have also been found to lower high blood pressure. Vitamins and calcium present in the tomatoes help in curbing the levels of blood pressure.

The medium of cooking should be light oils like olive oil. Heavy oils accumulate in the blood vessels and increase the cholesterol levels as can be read in this article about health.

Among the fruits, papaya and avocadoes are the best in the treatment of high blood pressure. Other fruits like apples and pears should be eaten with the skin on. While having citrus fruits, doctor should be consulted as they may interfere with the medication of high blood pressure.

Fat free yoghurt and skimmed milk can fulfill your calcium requirements without posing a threat to your heart. Cheese contains high sodium levels so refrain from eating too much of it. if you are a non vegetarian then opt for baked meat or chicken instead of fried one. fish like salmon and herring can also help in lowering of high blood pressure.