Cosmetic Surgeries for Men


While cosmetic surgery is commonly viewed strictly as a female endeavor, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many men are every bit as concerned with their physical appearance and the ravages of aging as their female counterparts. With this in mind, skilled cosmetic surgeons offer a wide array of appearance-enhancing procedures to male patrons.

Cosmetic Surgeries for Men

Tummy Tuck

It’s no secret that keeping our stomachs flat becomes progressively more difficult as we grow older. Decreased metabolism, changes in diet, job stress and inconsistent sleep schedules all factor into the formation of protruding bellies and love handles. Men who are ready to bid flabby stomachs adieu can benefit from a trip to a renowned plastic surgery center, where they can have a tummy tuck performed. This convenient cosmetic procedure, which entails the removal of excess flab and abdominal skin, can be completed in a timely manner and is affordable on most budgets. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be left with a toned, flat stomach that’s sure to be the envy of every man you come across at the gym, beach or swimming pool.

Breast Reduction

As is the case with women, men’s breasts tend to grow larger with age. Not only can large breasts make exercise and other physical activities uncomfortable, they can also give men a dumpy, out-of-shape appearance. Additionally, saggy male breasts are often viewed as un-masculine by both men and women. In some cases, men’s breasts will become so massive, they’ll require the support of a sports bra.
If you’re tired of keeping your shirt on while swimming or working out, consider male breast reduction surgery. As the name suggests, this procedure removes excess tissue from men’s breasts, leaving patients with firm, flat chests. So the next time you hit the beach, you can give your t-shirt the day off.

Chin and Jaw Enhancement

Sharply defined chins and jaw lines are two of the foremost tenets of masculinity. Unfortunately, tiny chins and overly-long jaw lines are all too common in men of all ages. Fully aware of this problem, plastic surgeons are able to give male patients chin, cheek and jaw line implants that can transform even the most poorly contoured face into a rugged masterpiece. Your new face will make the perfect complement to your freshly firmed chest and flab-free stomach.

Hair Replacement

Male pattern baldness is arguably the most common cosmetic ailment affecting men today. Whether your hair starts thinning in young adulthood or waits until you hit middle age, over three quarters of all men will experience hair loss in their lifetime. If your scalp has become sparsely populated as of late, hair replacement surgery may be just what you need. This procedure involves transplanting healthy follicles from other parts of your body to the areas of your head that are bereft of hair. After the operation is performed, you’ll once again know the joys of a lush head of hair.

Men everywhere agree that looking good is part of feeling good. With anextensive assortment of cosmetic surgeries at their disposal, men can keep themselves looking youthful and vibrant for many years to come.