Effective Ways of Treating Male Baldness

Treating Male Baldness

What is male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness happens to be a common type of baldness which affects a majority of male population in India. Male pattern baldness is commonly known as androgenic alopecia. Experts suggest that, more than about 50% of male population in India suffer from such chronic conditions.


What causes male pattern baldness?

Experts have come up with interesting observations about male pattern baldness that affects a majority of the Indian population. A major cause contributing towards male pattern baldness remains to be genetic construction which contributes readily towards development of male pattern baldness. Actually male pattern baldness can be triggered through male sex hormones which are more commonly referred to as androgens. The androgens happen to contribute significantly towards male pattern baldness.

What actually happens in Male pattern baldness?

Each and every healthy hair follicle is understood to go through a major growth cycle. With baldness creeping in, the growth cycle begins to weaken till a large extent. The growth cycle of the healthy hair follicle, eventually ends and therefore the outcome remains to be that, that, no healthy hair growth is triggered at the end of the day.  

However, medical experts suggest that, inherited male baldness patterns are very different than the other types. However, in certain cases male pattern baldness is involuntarily triggered through some chronic diseases. Doctors can however conduct an analytically thorough procedure in order to determine the exact cause of male pattern baldness.

When does male pattern baldness begin actually?

Many patients looking for hair transplantation procedures basically ask this question. But alas, there are no perfect answers to this question as such! Genes drive the process and the entire cause of male pattern baldness can be triggered at very young age as such. Often terribly receding hairlines at early years are symptoms towards triggering baldness in men.

Techniques to address hair loss

Experts suggest that, medical treatment is not necessary during the initial phase of baldness in men. However, if you want to change your personality and look then there are other alternative options that need to be followed. Innovative hairstyles can be followed in order to make your look a little different. At the same time, fashion designers and hair stylists suggest that males can look for wigs as substitutes for natural hair. Topical medicines can also be applied on the scalp in order to take care of hair growth. However, suggestions from expert medical practitioners need to be taken in order to implement the procedures leading to growth of healthy hair follicles.

Hair transplants – The best way to address fall of hair

A hair transplant is considered to be one of the most convenient processes that can be undertaken by a patient suffering from hair fall. This is understood to be the least expensive. Not a very expensive process, hair transplants can help the patients to get the perfect look. However a prior medical counselling is very much required in order to address the issues related to hair fall.

Hair Transplantation procedures in India:

Hair transplantation procedures in India have become very common. Hair transplantation in Mumbai has grown especially till a large extent. Besides, hair transplantation has experienced a good growth in other cities as well.