Home Remedy For Weak Eyes

Weak Eyes

Misuse or overuse of eye muscles may cause of weak eyesight. Main cause of weakness may be considered as weakness, heat of brain, watching TV closely, reading continuously in strong light for long time, deficiency of vitamin A, digestive disorder and alcohol can be major cause of eye weakness. WE are showing you 9 Home remedy used for weak eyesmay be as follows:

Weak Eyes

Take foods which are rich in vitamin A. like you can take milk cream, cheese, soya beans, lettuces, tomatoes and oranges etc.
Carrot may be taken for weak eyes. Carrot is rich in nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A and manganese.
Do not wash your face when you are in sweating state. And also after hard physical exercise and exposure of heat.
Staying up late night and sleeping after sunrise may also cause of weak eyes so sleep with time and get up in the early morning.
Eyes should be keep away from strong wind, smoke to prevent your eyes from weakness.

Do some basic eye exercise

Keep mud pack on your eyes which releases the pressure

Take honey with few cardamom seeds to improve your eye sight

Mix sugar with grind and coriander to make its powder and done into this the boil water for 5 min then cover it now filter it and use it as an eye drop.