What to Do to Prepare for Getting a Sunless Tan


Ok, I could start out with the reasons you should use sunless tanning products such as they protect you from exposure to harmful UV rays that lead to skin damage, wrinkles and possibly skin cancer. All these are great reasons and very true but the most honest reasons you use sunless tanning products is you’re shallow and just a little lazy. You want the instant tan without the work and you know you look thin and sexy with a tan, so unlike your ghost white cousin who avoids the sun like the plague. Enjoy the honesty and make sure you read these ways to ensure you get a great sunless tan.

What to Do to Prepare for Getting a Sunless Tan

Do your Research

Not all sunless tanning products are created equally, whether you are applying them yourself or having it professionally done. Take the time to do a little research on the products you are considering to make sure they are made with high quality ingredients. This is the age of the Internet and there is plenty of advice and research out there to help you decide what the better products are and how they work.

Plan Time to Be Naked

It takes about an hour for the tanning spray to dry completely without streaking, causing unwanted splotching or ruining your clothes. Spray tans are basically a solution of chemicals that stain the skin and your clothes if you put them back on while you’re still wet. No instant gratification here; it also takes time for your tan to develop after the application. While bronzers do help in giving you an instant temporary glow, it takes up to 12 hours for your tan to darken completely. So plan your tanning ahead in order to give yourself plenty of time for drying and darkening to that beautiful glowing tan. Make your appointment for at least a day ahead or give yourself several hours if self-applying.

Get Clean and Dry

Unless you have super-sensitive skin, you should shower, wax or shave, exfoliate and moisturize dry areas before you apply sunless tanning products. Clean skin is the best canvas for applying sunless products whether you are using the spray on or cream types. Showering and exfoliating removes dead skin cells, helping to achieve a more even tan. Waxing or shaving after your tan can cause streaking or splotching. For best result, wax or shave the day before your tan application. Dry skin soaks up anything with moisture in it, so applying sunless tanning products to areas with dry skin will create darker spots and an uneven tan. Finally, make sure you are completely dry before starting the application because moisture is the worst enemy for causing all kinds of spotting and streaking issues with spray tans and creams.

The Final Prep

The amount of prep you need for applying the sunless tanning products depends on whether you are using a professional or doing it yourself. For either option, you’ll need an old bikini or clothes unless you are perfectly fine doing it in the buff. If using a professional, you’ll wear your hair up, perform the above suggested tips for getting your body prepped and call your professional to ask for any extra things you should do. If you’re doing it yourself, you have a lot more work ahead of you. Again, you’ll want your hair pulled into a ponytail or use a shower cap and to have cleaned, exfoliated, waxed or shaved and moisturized yourself ahead of time. Wear disposable gloves to prevent staining your hands and nails orange. Shake the product well and apply evenly in circular motions.

Using these tips will help you get the best looking sunless tan possible and you won’t have to worry about being mistaken for your ghostly cousin.

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