Testoloic the Synthetic Testosterone with an Ester


Testolic is the brand name for testosterone propionate mainly manufactured in Thailand.  Earlier when synthetic testosterone was invented it was supposed to be in its purest form. Since there was no ester attached it would be a fast acting compound and require frequent administration.  Testosterone Propionate was structurally similar to testosterone but with a tail of propionic acid. This means the body metabolises the molecule but takes more time than normal testosterone. Hence testosterone propionate need not be administered frequently as the ester provides controlled release of the hormone. The steroid is an excellent alternative to be stacked with winstrol depot and anavar as a part of the cutting cycle. Before starting the steroid cycle one must gain complete knowledge about the same and websites like https://steroidio.com/testolic/ help you with the same.

The steroid is known to be quiet effective during bulking phase and gives accelerated benefits when stacked with Anadrol 50, Deca Durabolin and Dianabol. With its proper usage individuals can see noticeable changes in terms of increase in muscle mass and improvement in overall strength and endurance. The effects of the steroid are quiet rapid that once they are administered one can feel a surge of strength. This mainly occurs due to the increased level of hormones in the body. Testolic is also known to be effective in the cutting cycle as well when combined with compounds like winstrol and Oxandrolone. The steroids when stacked together are very effective in burning fat and increasing prominence. Apart from these Testolic is also known to increase libido and also reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

The ester attached on the testosterone has quiet an influence on the dosage pattern and also their frequency. As per popular websites like https://steroidio.com/testolic/ on an average the steroid is injected every three days. The ideal dosage for body builders could be somewhere between 50 mg to 200 mg on a daily basis which makes it 500 mg per week to 1000 mg per week. At this dosage the ideal cycle length should be 8-16 weeks and not more than that. Due to the serious risk of side effects the dosage for women should be ideally around 50 mg weekly to 100 mg weekly. If the appropriate dosing pattern and cycles are not followed the risk of side effects increases.

The most common negative effects reported by many are nausea, head ache, increased anxiety and aggression. The steroid also poses the threat of causing gynecomastia because propionate is easily converted into estrogen. In such conditions the symptoms that are seen include acne break out on the skin and active hair growth on the body. Other then this also enlargement of breast tissues is seen in many. Women should always follow the recommended low doses because the possibility of virilism is high. Abuse of the steroid could result in side effects like hair on face and body, deepening of voice and shrinkage of breasts to name a few.

It is very important to understand the fact that usage of Testolic comes with side effects and benefits in equal ratios. The more the level of testosterone in your body, increased are the benefits. But one must also remember that too much of the synthetic hormone can be equally detrimental to the health. It is always advisable to excise caution and set limits while using steroids for bulking or cutting.