5 Exercises You Should Do Every Day to Stay Fit for Life


Many would like to stay fit during their lifetime.Such people then must be willing to do what it takes to be healthy. They must incorporate some simple exercises in their daily schedule. These work out routines are seen as classic because they keep the body healthy, and in good shape besides being possible to do on a daily basis. Other than doing exercises to build strong muscles, steroids can be used for the same. High quality and safe steroids can conveniently be purchased at Steroidsfax, who are well reputed for that business. So, what are these 5 moves you should perform every day to stay fit for life?

Press -up

You need to have your back flat as you lie with your belly on the floor or whatever surface you may be using, then with hands pressed to the surface, you work your whole body weight up. If you cannot manage a full push up, feel free to start on the knees. The up-down move is repeated severally. This work out involves multiple muscles and employs several movements thus speeds up the heart rate.


They may not be many people’s favorite exercises but they are a great way to build the buttock muscles, popularly called the glutes, the hamstrings and the quads. It mainly involves standing with legs a bit apart and hands stretched to the front then bending the knees, to bring the upper body downwards, then straightening the knees to carry the body upwards and repeating this severally. A number of variations can be done to make the routine more interesting.

Jumping jacks

You perform this by standing while your legs are together and the hands straight at your sides. You jump up and have your hands go up past your head, at the same time you are kicking your legs outwards. You then go back to the initial position and the movement is repeated uninterrupted. The heart rate is accelerated as well as exercising the glutes to put them into shape and other muscles too.

The bridge

It is a great way to tone and make firm the glutes. You need to lie with your face up, knees bent, and feet a bit apart from the butt and arms by the side with palms on the ground or the surface that you are lying on. You then make your hips go up slowly until a diagonal line is formed from the knees to the shoulders. Your butt should be lifted as high as possible, keeping your glutes tightly squeezed together. Remain in the raised position for about five seconds then go down back to the surface.For this exercise, you may need to have a mat under your body.


These workouts majorly target the core and the oblique muscles. You need to lie on your stomach, preferably on some soft mat, having the palms on the floor next to the shoulders, and the legs and feet closed and on the floor. You then take your body up, arms fully straightened and with hands stretched below the shoulders. Balance the weight between the hands and the toes, maintaining the body in a diagonal line from the feet to the head.Involve the core and avoid the butt rising above the torso.

The above 5 workouts will give anyone who does them religiously daily a fit body for life.