A weekly guide on the course of pregnancy

A multi-ethnic group of pregnant women meditating in a yoga class
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A multi-ethnic group of pregnant women meditating in a yoga class

The advent of changes during the course of pregnancy is widespread in nature. You would need to understand that the first trimester of pregnancy happens to be the most delicate time . You are anxious to be aware of what is going on with your baby and a lot of changes happen to both the mother along with the baby. You can rely on the use of baby contraction timer to be aware on the exact position or status of your baby. This is that time when the symptoms of pregnancy is at its peak. Though the symptoms of each pregnancy is different but one of the common ones in most cases happens to be a missed period.

From the weeks 1 to 3

During this point of time there is no involvement of a fetus. Around third week a baby is normally conceived and this is that time when ovulation also starts. Then only conception can take place. The first symptoms associated with pregnancy happens to be implantation bleeding and it tends to be very light perhaps pink in colour. Some of the other symptoms may include bloating or some form of nausea coupled with a missed period which is the most important. Some of the symptoms in fact are going to appear in the last stages of the first trimester. Whereas some of them may stretch to the entire duration of pregnancy as well.

Weeks 4 to 7

When you are part of a home pregnancy test during weeks 4 to 7 a positive result is going to emerge. With the help of a blood test it is much easy to detect pregnancy hormone than a home pregnancy test. At this point of time you are going to witness a growth in the baby. The formation of placenta takes place and the cells are diving fast.

Between weeks 8 to 10

Once the baby touches 8 weeks, the heartbeat of them could be heard by an ultrasound. In fact the sex of the baby is figured out at this point of time as the ovaries or testes are formed. The shape of the uterus of a mother is in the form of a grapefruit by now. By week 9, the bones of the baby begin to form. It is by week 10, when the uterus is going to enlarge and she is likely to experience bleeding gums.

Week 11 and 12

During this point of time, the baby is likely to be fully developed. The heart beat of the baby is at a rapid stage and this could be range between 140 to 160 beats per minute. In normal cases, an ultrasound is being performed to understand whether the baby is growing in the correct manner. By week 12, the pregnancy symptoms will be much milder.

All the above information can be depicted in the form of a calendar of pregnancy week by week . It will give you an idea on what to expect in the first place.