The Importance of Pregnancy Physio


Why pre and postnatal women should consider physiotherapyWhen many people consider physiotherapy options, they likely create an image of someone with an injury receiving therapy to help them regain mobility in their mind’s eye, but this is a practice which has many uses. Physio for pregnancy is particularly beneficial to both the mother and the developing foetus because it will minimise pain, help the baby to remain in the proper position during its development, and minimise any number of issues that occur during certain stages of the pregnancy. Not only will you simply feel more comfortable during this time of your life, you may also find that actually giving birth is simpler and less painful with the help of this type of treatment.

Reduced Pain

Even a small foetus may press on various components of his or her mother’s body and cause pain, and this pain may be hard to handle unless you take steps to avoid it entirely. Physio will strengthen your muscles and body in a way that is gentle and completely safe for the baby so you can better stand up to his or her movements without any undue pain or discomfort on your part. This type of treatment option will only become more important as your pregnancy progresses and the child is large enough to cause real damage, including everything from bruising your stomach to actually fracturing a bone in certain conditions.

Easier Sleeping

As your child continues to grow in size and move your internal organs out of the way to accommodate this growth, the ability to sleep with comfort will only grow more and more difficult. This is not only an unfortunate fact of pregnancy, but also potentially avoidable if you have a physiotherapist on your side from the moment you first discover you’re pregnant, although you may certainly start pregnancy physio in Perth later in the pregnancy without much trouble. Your therapist will suggest ways to lay or recline which will minimise the pressure on your internal organs and allow you to truly get some rest, even near your fortieth week.

After Pregnancy

Once you give birth to your beautiful new child, it is important that you continue to receive regular physio treatments once you are cleared by your physician for such activities. Even very mild exercise following childbirth will allow you to recover more quickly, and your expert provider will help you find the best exercises and techniques which will minimise the discomfort while maximising results. This way, you will help to reduce urinary incontinence as a result of the birth, more quickly see your stomach retract to its original form pre-pregnancy, and even potentially lose your “baby weight” with greater efficiency so you can feel more like yourself before you even became pregnant.