The Amazing Facts about Baby Kicks during Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most important stage for every woman for who has been a mother or is about to be one. When the delivery date gets near the baby inside the womb starts to move and they often stretch their legs and that is when the mother feels the kicks of the little life inside here. The keeping track of the same movement is counted as the baby kick monitor.

If you are a mother to be then you will start to feel these kicks of your baby in the second trimester and it will be the indication that your baby is all healthy and thriving inside of you. This is indeed the very happy moment for every couple and the kicks grow powerful as the little life inside you gets stronger. Here we have covered some crucial facts that you might be unaware of about baby kicks.Baby Kicks during Pregnancy

The facts about the kicks

  • You will generally feel the kicks starting at the evening time when the fetus is awake, and that is, 9 pm to 1 pm. This is the time when blood sugar level changes as well.
  • Your baby tends to kick more when you are lying on your left side and this happens to most of the pregnant women. If you want to keep the baby kick counter then this is the high time.
  • You always need to keep yourself healthy and refrain from any kind of poor eating habits, because the kicks of your baby are the sign of its proper health, and your bad habits like smoking and other things will be worse for the same. This very thing can end up in weaker growth of the fetus and the result can be in death too.
  • Sometimes babies tend to respond to outer noise and mostly to the sound of their parents too. However, it’s best to keep out from external noises and keep a peaceful atmosphere around your beloved and don’t forget to sing to your baby.
  • Try to ensure that your tummy isn’t exposed to harsh light because this is the very thing the fetus want to avoid. The life growing inside of you always prefer a dark and peaceful atmosphere, thus you need to take care of the same.
  • Your daily activity influences your baby to kick. If you are having a light exercise or you are submerged in some work that requires a little bit walking, then your baby will move with your movements.
  • Most of the fetuses move thirty times in every single hour, but most of the time you are unaware because of the position of the baby inside you. This very moving thing slows down when the 32 week arrives because then the baby grows up and gets less space to move properly.

Last, not least, there are so many ways to keep track of your baby kicks, they are a baby monitor, kick charts and the traditional way where you write down the kicking times. However, in every case during your pregnancy, you have to be healthy and this will ensure the well-being of your baby as well.