Home Remedy For Inflammation


Inflammation is the biological response of vascular tissue..Symptoms are as follows: difficulty in breathing, cough and fever. it may be caused by excessive smoking, use of drugs etc..Home remedy for inflammation can be used to reduce inflammation…following are the techniques which are used for reducing inflammation:

Take garlic in plenty amount and garlic is anti inflammatory so it can be used in inflammation

Vitamin C may be taken as to fight against bacterial infection

You can apply Redmond clay poultice on the affected area it helps a lot

We can take cayenne, garlic, goldenseal, myrrh for inflammation

Garlic oil can also be used on affected area for reducing inflammation

You can also apply soaked cloth with fenugreek tea

Using aloe vera juice can also be used to reduce inflammation

Flavonoids is contained by biberry which in turns reduces inflammation

Use of turmeric and boswellia can reduce inflammation

Use of cat’s claw can also reduce inflammation

Use yucca, ginger and red clover for reducing inflammation

According to me all of the above home remedies for inflammation are best and very effective but out of this best and simple remedy is to use garlic for effective result. it can be caused due to injury. It may develop in joints. if you see the inflammation on any part then it is essential to take the medical attention or we can use all of the above remedy. Fenugreek tea is most effective tea in inflammation. You can see its effect on using it. Vitamin c supplement can also be used to reduce inflammation.