A Glimpse on Physiotherapy courses


The origin of physiotherapy belongs to Greece. It can be traced in the period of Hippocrates. It was initially used to cure ailments related to physical structure of human body. This practice was limited to a few people who specialized in this field. Now, North York physiotherapy is widely recognized and hailed throughout the world and it is now a lucrative and respectable option for career for medical students. There are various divisions of this branch of science. Widest range of courses in this field can be found in the United States of America and United Kingdom. If you are looking for a cheaper course within a small budget, you must choose to opt it in India.


  • Getting started

The first and the foremost step to venture into this field is o pursue a degree course in this field. Prerequisite for this course can be biology or anatomy.  Once you start with the course, you need to learn deeply about human anatomy and the movement of bones, nerves and muscles. This will make you understand physiotherapy in the courses that ou may pursue later on as advance courses.

  • Advance courses

Advance courses in this field include its branches such as neurology, clinical electrophysiology pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, sports physical therapy, and cardiopulmonary therapy, and many more.

  • Prospective and challenges

There are many challenges that you will face as a physiotherapist. You may have to see new types of problems arising in patients. You have to be innovative and scrutinize in the right way. The job of a physiotherapist is, no doubt, lucrative. There are many physiotherapists’ intervention techniques that are required to be used by a physiotherapist. These techniques are utterly helpful in curing patients. It is more like a health profession than that related to medicine. However, it is highly related to the latter as well.

Employment avenues

As per the statistical data presented by Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about two million (198600) Physiotherapists employed in the year 2010. Due to a drastic increase in the number of patients, the number may reach higher than before and there are more job openings every year. It is a win -win situation overall. The growth rate in the requirement of the number of physical therapists is approximately 40% on a yearly basis. The country is already earning in billions so there are lots of prospective, in fact surety of a drastic increase in the number of jobs.

One important aspect of this field is that there are various branches and multiple fields where you can find a good job. They are:

  • Geriatric- concerned with issues related to adult ageing
  • Neurology- concerned with treatment of neurological disorder
  • Sports- concerned with rehabilitation, acute care, prevention, treatment and education
  • Integumentary- treatment of the disorder concerned with skin and organs related to it.
  • Orthopedics related to injuries related to muscoskeletal system
  • Pediatrics- concerned with treatment of bodily disorders
  • Palliative care- concerned with oncology
  • Women’s health – which is concerned with issues related to the reproductive system.

Due to wide range of branches in the field of North York physiotherapy, the range of jobs is also wide.