Acid Water Treatment Purifies Water Supplies


If your water supply happens to have a low pH value, it is considered acidic. Some acidic water problems arise when copper piping starts to seep water or the hot water cylinder begins to leak. In order to treat the water supply, technicians normally adjust the pH so its value is maintained at a safe non-corrosive level. Increasing the alkalinity can solve this type of problem as well.

Water Supplies

The Importance of Water Treatment

When we turn on our taps, we naturally assume the water is potable. Water is treated before it reaches people’s homes. A supply of safe water is a priority as it supports cell life and reduces the risk of disease. However, water can also cause disease if it is not properly filtered and treated.

Whilst water covers about two-thirds of the earth, most of it cannot be consumed directly. In order to drink water, it must contain low levels of dissolved salts and microbes. And, in order to produce a sufficient quantity of the liquid, it must be sourced, filtered, and disinfected.

Types of Water Sources

Sources of water in the UK include rivers, aquifers, lakes and reservoirs. An aquifer is a layer of permeable rock that lies underground, which is soaked with water. A reservoir, on the other hand, is an artificial type of lake that is created by constructing a dam. In countries where water is scarce, boreholes are drilled to reach water supplies underground.

Professionals that manage water treatment in Barnstaple provide acid water treatment as well as provide services to reduce manganese and iron. Purification is imperative as it improves the taste of water and reduces the incidence of illness. Water supplies that contain iron, for example, often taste metallic – a taste that can carry into such beverages as tea and coffee.

So, whether your water is too acidic or contains high levels of iron, you can get the problem fixed by referring the issue to a reputable provider of water treatment solutions. Contact a technician today to assess your own concerns about your water supply.