All about Cryotherapy


Pains have made us slaves and bound our efficiency, to disable its effects on our body we can get therapies which will relief our pain and boost up our strength. One such therapy is cryotherapy.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, it is a treatment which is given to reduce pain. It uses freezing temperature to deaden the irritated nerve. The nerve which is paining is freezed under very low temperature so that, the aches are healed after the deadening of nerve. This therapy is used for the treatment of prostate cancer under which treatment of abnormal cells of the skin is done by the dermatologist.

In what conditions cryotherapy is used

Cryotherapy is used to treat condtions which involve irritation in any isolated nerve. Such kinds of irritation or pain is experienced when some nerves grows or get pinched. Few examples are:

  • Irritaion in nerves between ribs
  • Nerve entrapment of female cutaneuos
  • Interdigital nueromas
  • Hypogastric neuromas
  • Ilioinguinal nueroma

Types of cryotherapy

There are many types of cryotherapy which you can get to ensure proper and better functioniung of your body. Some of thye most popularly used and served cryotherapies are enlisted below with some brief context which will give you an idea about how beneficial it is and how it can serve you relief.

Various kinds of cryotherapies are:

Whole Body Cryotherapy or WBC

  • WBC abbreviated from whole body cryotherapy. This cryotherapy is for complete body treatment. It relieves all kind of pain including joint pains, inflammation or muscle aches.
  • It helps in expelling out the toxins from the nerves and tissues.
  • It strengthens the immune system of your body.
  • It makes skin more firm and smoother.

Local cryo

It is also a name given to the cryotherapy which treats isolated areas. So, if you have any kind of problem with your back, elbow, knees, shoulders or neck then this therapy will assure you guaranteed relief from pain or irritaion in any of these areas.


This cryotherapy is used to gain brighter looks and appear and feel younger. This therapy stimulates the collagen production in the body and improves the pace of blood circulation. Thus, this results in reduction of aging signs and keeps your skin healthy.

Micronutrient therapy

This therapy resolves the problems which are related to scarcity of hydration in the body and deficiency of vitamins. It boosts up the energy level of the body and stimulates the immune system of the body.

Where is cryotherapy performed?

Cryotherapy is a treatment which is done at the medical centres by the professionally learned doctors. There are various ace doctors who provide this therapy to heal pains of various patients.

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