Baked Chips: Are They Healthy


Chips, although bane of people’s existence is delicious. And although they are basically junk food it has saved hungry students and workers in times of need. Potato chips, however, are literally “not” unhealthy since it’s the healthiest of all junk foods especially if it’s a baked food. You can eat a bag but if you ever heard that catchy chant “potato chips forever in the hips”,  you might want to loosen it up with exercising a bit. But with baked food, most specifically baked chips, they are much healthier than fried ones. Baked chips are an advantage since you can control how you will cook it.

apple chips

With online access today, you can easily find baked chips recipes. Here’s a list of its health benefits:

Baked chips have not preservatives.

Once you make your own baked chips, it’s already pretty given that it has no preservatives which make it healthier for you. Junk foods, take-out foods, some meals you can find in your grocery list and even sodas have preservatives. This is why these products are so unhealthy. But with baked chips, you made it, you know its ingredients and you can eat it for a time. Plus, it’s fresh out of the oven.

Baked chips have lesser calories.

This is a fact; since chips out from shelves contains about 466 calories while homemade baked-chips have around 170 calories. This is because regular chips are made with a lot of unnecessary ingredients especially if it’s fried. Baked chips came from a small size potato and olive oil – which isn’t really a competition. You know already which one you can heavily benefit from.

Baked chips have fewer fats.

A 2-ounce consumption of chips contains 10mg of fats while baked potato chips only have a 3-4mg of fats. The numbers are basically lesser than your expected fat intake. Plus, baked chips have less saturated fat. Remember, fats can increase your bad cholesterol and can be a threat to your heart which is why the lesser your fat intake is, the better it is for your cardiovascular health.

Baked chips are filled with iron.

Iron helps with improving the balance of your blood oxygen level. It’s also important when your body produce energy. Baked chips are rich with iron; a good serving of homemade baked chips contain 1.5 milligrams of iron – enough to provide you with the iron that you need since this volume is 19% of iron that you need on a daily basis. Not only is it free from fat but it also packed with the most essential nutrient that your body needs!


Baked chips are good for your body and it’s a good diet food too if you’re craving for real chips. The preparation is easy as well and you can find hundreds of natural recipes online these days so that’s not hard as well. You also have control over the ingredients that you’re going to use when preparing this particular food. To know more about it, just search for comfort cooking recipes and you’ll get everything that you’ll need.