Deal with your Stress and Traumatic Experiences Better – Go for EMDR Therapy Today


Many a times, we deal with traumatic experiences from our past, which are nearly impossible to let go. As a result, we are left troubled and depressed for the rest of our lives. However, these days EMDR therapy is being used to root out all the traumatic experiences.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is a therapy, which is now being used to get rid of depression and other mental issues. It is a kind of psychotherapy in which the therapist will help you eliminating any past traumatic experiences from your brain.

What are the different phases of EMDR?

There are 8 phases involved in the EMDR therapy. These phases have been mentioned below –

  • The first phase will involve you discussing all your past experiences with your therapist. This is done in order to obtain some amount of information, which can be worked on later. In this phase, the therapist will make a plan for your therapy.
  • The second phase will involve various stress decreasing techniques being performed on you. The therapist will ensure that you are no longer affected by any stress.
  • The third to six phases will consist of actual EMDR sessions in which various processes will take place that will eliminate your traumatic experiences and reformulate the old traumatic memories into new and fresh memories. These phases will ensure that all your bad memories are permanently deleted from your brain.
  • The last two sessions will involve a daily check on the patient and various self-calming activities. Also, the therapist will eventually check your progress.

Know the benefits of EMDR therapy

There are various reported benefits of the EMDR therapy. Few of them have been listed below –

  • A vast reduction in the traumatic experiences.
  • You are able to manage all your bad memories well.
  • Since all the bad memories have been eliminated, you are bound to enjoy life even better and focus on your relationships.
  • By EMDR therapy, you will get rid of stress and anxiety disorders.
  • It will also help you deal with depression.
  • It will act as a booster to your confidence and self-esteem.

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