Differences Between Two Similar Drugs With Very Similar Mechanisms


It is quite true that advancements in the fields of science and technology have helped us to live a nice life which is far better than the lives which we used to spend in our past. Today there are number of machines present all around us which are making our lives better in many ways. Works which used to take hours to get completed now are in minutes or even seconds. This had been possible now just because of the advancements that have happened recently. These advancements not have only helped to make machines and equipments but have also helped the medical industry to grow and to provide people with best of the services through which they can lead a safe and healthier life. Today the medical field has advanced a lot as there are some wonderful machines and also medicines that are helping doctors to treat the dangerous diseases which were not curable in the past. There is some wonderful equipment present in medical field today which are regularly used by people in their daily lives in order to keep themselves healthy and fit.

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Medicines like modafinil and armodafinil are few examples of how much the medical field has advanced in making the lives of human beings easier. Both of these drugs are non amphetamine which are said to be the very best in promoting wakefulness and also very efficiently enduring the sleep apnea. Best thing about these medicines is they both are approved by the FDA. People can easily buy them and use them in their daily lives. Modafinil after its development was used by people for enhancing wakefulness but later it was used by people as a performance enhancing drug. After seeing this, it was necessary for the developers to further test the drug for its performance. After the tests are done armodafinil drug came into existence. Both of these drugs perform the similar functions but in armodafinil there is only R-enantiomer where as in modafinil there are R and S-enantiomer.

Differences In Mechanisms Of These Two Drugs

When it comes about the modafinil vs armodafinil, the difference between them can only be seen in their mechanisms. The later one which is armodafinil works by inhibiting dopamine and works as an indirect D2 receptor which is partial agonist. This drug is also great in enhancing the histamine levels in the human body which causes in performance enhancement. The first one modafinil also uses the same mechanism in the beginning but later it increases the monoamine levels like norephinphirne and also activates the orexin peptides in the human body.

It can be seen that both these drugs follow the mechanism but with few differences. One more difference between these two drugs is that the armodafinil is not generic drug while the modafinil is generic. The armodafinil drug is available to people in smaller quantities like in 50 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg or in 250 mg variants while modafinil is available only in 100 and 200 mg variants.

There is also a difference of time in between these two drugs which is the FDA approved the drug modafinil in the year of 1998 while the later was approved in the year of 2007.