Effective Dianabol cycles and stacks for lean muscle mass


Dianabol is one of the best and effective anabolic steroids, which was first developed under laboratory conditions in 1968. The drug is also termed as effective Dbol. It is a type of steroid that has to be injected into your body. It is efficient in offering with best results even when used without other supplements. You can use the stacks to increase your strength and muscle mass.

Before getting started you have to get familiar with cycles and stacks that most professional bodybuilders make use of. This steroid is effective just like any other steroid when injected. You can gain better results by just increasing the dosage amount.

The medication is also available as 50 mg dosage. It is believed to offer much better result as compared to 100 mg dosage. If the dosage is taken in smaller amount frequently, it will offer you with best results. One main benefit of taking the drug in smaller amounts is that you may not get to notice any side effects.

You can also take this drug in combination with other anabolic steroids to see much better results. It interacts synergistically along with other anabolic steroids.


This steroid can be stacked along with other steroids for more effective results. The best stacks to increase your strength are to combine it with Testosterone high dosage. You can also get to see best results within weeks if combined with 500 mg dosage every week. To notice more subdued effect you can take around 1000 mg dosage. If the dosage of testosterone increases further then you may not get to notice any results of Dianabol.

Effects of stacking with Anavar

If you are a professional who prefers stacking with Anavar then you may expect thebest result. At the same time overdose may also increase the toxicity of your liver. In case you are having liver problems, then it is advisable to stack it best with other injectable steroids.

Effects of stacking with Anadrol 50

This combination may not offer professional bodybuilders with synergistic effects. This is one of the reasons most professional bodybuilders avoid this combination. There are a few professionals who may take the combination of two in small dosage.

Dianabol cycle

This is an effective steroid that helps in creating your most effective bulking cycle. Even in present time, most professional bodybuilders prefer this medication as their first option. it is considered as a very powerful steroid, especially when combined with DecaDurabolin.

As per experts, no other combination of steroid can, in fact, offer you with similar results. It will help in gaining muscles strength. It will also help in increasing the size of your body muscle. Just in a single cycle, you can expect to gain around 30lbs.

Experts suggest taking the steroid for over 8 weeks to see the best results. Dosage can be taking in the ration 50 mg Dianabol with 600 mg DBol.

In the later stages of the cycle, the mg content of Dianabol can be reduced. The whole cycle can be continued for over 21 weeks.