Facts about Yoga


The Workouts may come and go, but nothing has been as enduring as yoga, which has its origin around 5000 years ago. Not only it tones your muscles, burns calories, but the benefits of yoga are much more than that. When you seek professional help in the list of yoga classes in Thane you can figure out this fact. It is a form of exercise which goes to provide the perfect form of combination in terms of your mind and body coordination. In fact, there are more than 100 types of yoga and some of them are slow while others are fast paced. Let us now go on to understand the different types of yoga.


  • Hatha- it is the most common type of yoga which goes on to strike a few basic movements, in combination with breathing
  • Bikram – also termed as hot yoga, it happens to be a series of 26 poses which is performed in a room which is at a heated temperature
  • Power- A high intensity type of yoga which goes on to build your muscles.

With regards to the intensity aspect, it goes on to depend upon the type of yoga you choose in the first place. For example, the technique like Hatha yoga is slow paced whereas the power is an intensive type of yoga.

If you already know about how to go about and practice near a yoga mat, then it is easy. You can practice for free as videos will cost you some money. There is no age restriction in terms of yoga as people from all age groups can go on to derive the benefits from it. There is no restriction on where yoga can be done as it is possible to do it indoors as well as outdoors. There is no need for any form of equipment as you would be relying on your own body weight for assistance.

It is suggested that you go on to use a yoga mat as it will prevent you from sliding when you are doing standing positions, and to provide a viable cushion when you are doing sitting positions. If you are looking for other optional equipment go on to consider a yoga ball

There are many types of yoga and all of them work on one basic principle which is to strengthen your mind and body coordination. You can relax and at the same time inner strength is provided to you. What most of us are not aware is that yoga can indeed go on to boast your mood as well. Even though the web is flooded with promotional material on yoga, it is still suggested to enrolin some yoga center inThane as you will be under the guidance of a supervisor. The chances are that they will teach you to do each and every posture in details. This might be the type of yoga which might suit your fitness levels and needs. It does provide a holistic approach to the needs of your mind along with the body.

Yoga is not something which is fast moving and a competitive workout. You need to be open minded and to derive the maximum benefits in terms of your fitness plans adds yoga to your workout routine. It does have a mental and physical benefit attached to it.