Features of Care Homes Make Them Special Places


If you have an elderly loved one who is deciding on a care home, you can find some lovely homes in the UK. Many are historical homes that cater to the needs and wishes of the older set. That is because they are located in places surrounded by the serenity of beautiful trees, plants, and dales. Not only are the outdoor areas enticing, the homes also often come with renovated bedrooms that are newly furnished according to a resident’s preferences.

Some of the Amenities

Almost all bedrooms come equipped with such amenities as call bells, electric beds, wireless Internet, TV, telephone facilities, and walk-in showers. Whilst rooms are normally fully furnished, a home will encourage residents to bring familiar pieces of furniture along, so they can feel at home.

A Gastronomic Delight

Featured care homes also offer food and drink, as well as updated, pleasant dining facilities. The dining spots are made to meet residents’ needs both gastronomically and socially. The chef in many of these dining rooms uses fresh, locally sourced produce and foods from area butchers, farmers, and vegetable or fruit suppliers as well. The menus are designed to be nutritious whilst keeping each resident’s personal tastes in mind.

Some of the Activities

When it comes to activities, places such as Oxfordshire care homes cannot be surpassed. The staff at these care facilities take a holistic and interactive approach to planning activities, by providing as much stimulation as possible. Some of the activities include creative arts, reminiscence therapy, and various games. Organised entertainment may include sing-alongs, lectures, and arranging visits to local places of interest.

With respect to medical care, a General Practitioner visits each care home on a weekly basis. However, residents are also entitled to retain their own GP if they wish. GP practice residents, in corroboration with the area pharmacy, have access to whatever prescriptive requirements they may have.

Other Services

Other personalised services include hairdressing, optician services, chiropody, audiology, concierge, and chauffeur access. Multi-denominational church services are held each month, and personal clergy members are welcomed at the care home at any time.

As you can see, living in a care home can be a pleasant experience, as you have all the comforts of home and the security you need as well. It also enables an older person to form associations with others who have similar interests. The activities that are included in the home make the atmosphere both warm and congenial.

A Supporting Staff

Even though you are in a completely different setting, you can still maintain your old lifestyle to some degree. Not only does this sustain a person’s momentum, it prevents them from sliding into diffidence or depression. When they live in a care home, older adults can improve upon their quality of life. The on site staff anticipates of the needs of elderly adults, and they are willing to do what is necessary to make life simpler and more carefree.

Life should become more pleasant as a person ages, and the rest of his or her life should be filled with peaceful, life-affirming experiences. An older person receives this type of reception when he or she lives in a care home, especially one that’s completely devoted to their comfort and independence.