Getting Help for Substance Abuse Problems


For those suffering from a substance abuse addiction, they do not have any control over the addiction. An addiction can be harmful to both the addict and those around him or her. There are ways to determine if someone is addicted to a substance and there are several treatment programs to help recover from the addiction.

Signs of Substance Addiction

There are several signs of substance abuse, however each individual is different. Some signs could be that the person simply cannot stop even once they recognize that they have a problem. An addict will also give up activities because of the addiction. For example, he or she might choose not to meet up with friends because he or she would rather drink, smoke or abuse other substances.

An addict will also show signs of secrecy and denial. He or she will not admit they have a problem and do their best to shut out loved ones who might suggest otherwise.

With substance abuse comes many other problems besides health risks. An addict might have financial problems, as well as relationship problems because the substance abuse problem is taking over their life. Some with an addiction have even lost their job.

Substance Treatment Programs

There is a solution for those suffering from substance abuse. In fact, there are several different substance treatment options. Choosing which one is best for you or a loved one is based on individual preference and needs. However, the first step for a person addicted to a substance is to admit they have problem.

There are several addiction treatment programs such as inpatient and outpatient programs. These programs focus on helping the patient reach sobriety and guide them on the steps to take to prevent a relapse. Depending on the type of addiction, and the patient’s individual needs it can be determined which program is best.

The first step of a substance treatment program is dealing with withdrawal. Getting the substance out of the patient’s body can be very difficult both physically and mentally. The patient might feel ill, experience anxiety or depression, and can have trouble sleeping. Through substance treatment programs, the patient receives assistance in dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

As part of these programs, the patient might attend individual or group counselling. These substance treatment counselling sessions help the patient deal with cravings for their addiction, and teach them how to avoid the substance once the treatment program is completed.

Getting the Help Needed

When it comes to a substance abuse problem, it is important to get all of the necessary help you or your loved one needs to reach sobriety and avoid a relapse. Research the various treatment options that are best for you before making your decision. You should also ask many questions so that you are comfortable in this treatment program.  You want to ensure that the substance treatment facility will help rid you of your addiction and guide you to living a clean life going forward.