Hide Your Hearing Aids in Your Glasses


Hearing Aids

If you have a problem hearing, there is an alternative to wearing a hearing device in your ear. For some people, inserting a hearing aid in the ear is uncomfortable even if it is unobtrusive. That is why they opt for wearing the hearing enhancements in their glasses.

Some of the major benefits associated with this type of hearing accessory include the following:

  • It is not obvious that you are wearing a hearing aid or any kind of hearing device.
  • You can correct your vision whilst enhancing your hearing. Therefore, glasses with hearing devices are not only innovative but practical.
  • The glasses are featured with a wide array of fashionable frames.

An All-Inclusive Answer to Better Vision and Hearing

So, when you wear these types of glasses, you do not have to worry about the stigma of wearing a hearing device. Again, devices today are designed so that they are not highly noticeable. Still, even if you feel some trepidation in this respect, you do have an alternative that will make you feel more comfortable. When a hearing aid is inconspicuously built into the frame of a pair of glasses, it cannot be easily be seen by other people.

A More Comfortable Solution for Some People

You also might not be unduly concerned about wearing a hearing aid. Maybe you just feel that hearing aid spectacles in London are a much more comfortable solution. After all, you do not have to insert a device into your ear to hear. All that you need to do is wear the glasses. If you already need to wear glasses anyway, this type of hearing accoutrement is the ideal way to both see and hear better.

Conductive Hearing Loss

However, because a hearing aid spectacle remains outside the ear, it is generally more suited to people who have what is termed as conductive hearing loss. This type of hearing loss impacts the quality of the audio that is transferred to the inner ear. Therefore, conductive hearing loss results from a buildup of earwax, abnormal bone growth, or a ruptured eardrum.

Amplification That Is Outside the Ear Canal

Anyone who is diagnosed with this type of hearing loss often comments that sounds are quieter. Other types of hearing loss cause the distortion of sound. By wearing glasses with hearing aids, sound is amplified outside of the ear canal.

Confer with a Hearing Specialist

So, before you make a choice for this type of product, you need to confer with a hearing doctor. If you cannot wear the glasses, he or she may be able to provide you with a hearing device that can be inserted discreetly inside the ear. However, if you can wear the glasses, then you will find not only that both your vision and hearing will improve but that your overall outlook will be more positive.

Should you be the wrong candidate for the glasses, you can still find assurance by wearing a hearing aid that is termed as invisible. The contours of this type of hearing device are made in alignment with the contours of the inner ear. Insertion and removal of this type of device is very simple as well.