How To Prevent Relapse By Knowing The Triggers And Warning Signs


Initial dependence on alcohol and drugs makes a person addicted to these destructive ailments. Rehabilitation programs are the best treatments that help a patient to recover naturally and effectively from the devastating impact of addiction.  The sooner you start with a rehab program, better will be the results.

Watching for the trigger and warning signs and take necessary action soon can result in quick and permanent recovery from the addiction. Let us know more about the importance of quick identification for a successful treatment for addiction.


Several conditions can trigger it such as the demise of your loved one, a deceased relationship, failure in any life event, etc. can make a person addict. Triggers are classified into three categories: emotional, exposure and environmental. Some common types of triggers are mentioned as:

  • Negative emotions such as stress, fear, trauma, frustration, anger, guilt, depression, anxiety and loneliness that encourages one to look for drugs and alcohol
  • Due to exposure to friends, places or events that remind the patient about addiction
  • Exposure to addiction causing substances by seeing advertisements, movies, etc.
  • Peer pressures
  • Exhilarated emotional states such as celebrating success of the accomplishment of an important task

Warning signs

A person who is nearing to become an addict or has become an addict would give some form of warning signs. It is important to know about these signs so that you can easily identify the addict. Some of these warning signs are given below as:

  • Prefer living alone:

An individual begins to live alone and distant from other people. Also, you can find them behaving in a secretive or dishonest manner. They refuse to share their things and attending get together, social events or celebration

  • No interest in getting recovered:

If you find a person fails to do the task they are required to live a sober life, then this disinterest could be a warning signal of them being addicted

  • Anger or resentment:

If the life seems to be unfavorable and did not turn the way they have expected it to be then this would lead to anger frustration and resentment in a person. You may find them blaming on the people and surroundings around them. Such feelings may lead to an excuse to consume alcohol again. S.F. Rehab center offers best recovery program for drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse addicts.

What measures need to be taken?

  • One should have a support system in the form of family, friends or doctors to help in avoiding triggers and identify any warning signs
  • Stay away from people and places who reminds you of alcohol and create an urge to consume it
  • It is good to attend support groups where a patient can discuss what they have gone through or going through
  • Completely avoid exposure to alcohol and drugs and alcohol
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Adopt a well-balanced diet. Take complete rest and exercise

Many people believe that once they successfully recover from addiction they are fully cured and need not visit the center again. But recovery from addiction is not a one-time accomplishment. With the possibility of reoccurrence of relapse, you need to take this treatment again.