Identifying the Difference between Peptide and Steroids


Bodybuilders are very keen to build muscle mass fast. Thus, they switch to the use of hormones. Well, the most preferred choice amongst most bodybuilders is either steroids or peptide. Now obviously if you are into bodybuilding then you will want to know which hormone is a better option and does not have any side effect. We will explore the difference between peptides and steroids here so that you can make the right choice keeping the benefits and side effects into consideration.

 Understanding the Difference between Peptide and Steroid Hormones

Usually, the receptors of hormones are present in the cell’s nucleus or cytoplasm or even on the cell membrane surface. The hormones can only have the effect on the body once they attach to the specific receptors. Well in plain words receptor is a protein that is created by the target cell. When the hormone attaches to the receptor, then a chain of events tend to occur that causes the protein generation. Now that you have some basic knowledge about hormones and receptor let us move to the difference between steroid and peptide hormones.

  • As we all know that the peptide is the chain of the amino acids whereas steroids are the lipids that are created from the cholesterol. The receptors of the steroid hormone are found in the cytoplasm. The peptide hormone is water soluble so they cannot enter target cell. Usually, the receptors of the peptide hormone are found on the cell surface.
  • The steroid hormone can easily diffuse across the plasma membrane’s lipid bilayer and binds with the receptor. Now every region of the receptor manages different tasks in case of steroid hormone. These tasks include identification of hormones, binding, hormone-receptor complex formation, attaching to the chromosomal DNA and complex transcriptional regulation. The hormone receptor complex causes the release of the proteins.

When the complex moves into the nucleus, it then binds to that DNA, which is near the specific steroid-regulated genes. Every strand of DNA is transcribed into the messenger RNA molecules from the specific genes. This shows that the steroid hormone has a direct role in mRNA transcription. However, the peptide hormone does not enjoy a direct influence on the mRNA transcription process because it is not possible for the peptide hormone to diffuse through the cell membrane.

  • Now the peptide hormones work faster than the steroid hormone because they bind to those receptors that are present on the surface. The effects of the steroid hormone are slower because it can diffuse through the membrane and binds with the receptors there.

Before you use steroid or peptide hormones to gain muscle mass, make sure that these concepts are clear to you. It is very importance that you consult a physician before using peptide or steroid so that he can guide you accordingly. This way you can prevent the side effects that can harm you. Make sure that you do not exceed the recommended dosage. It is always better to use any hormones with caution.