It is very rare for victims of abuse to admit they are being abused, especially those undergoing subtle abuse such as those in relationships with narcissists. Most of them do not think they are victims. They actually believe that everything wrong in their lives is their fault and not instigated by the abuser. It is very important for such victims to take the emotional abuse test to help them begin understanding the depth of the abuse they have been subjected to.

Reasons why emotional abuse tests are very important

The therapist can tell how deep the problem is

Different victims of abuse have experienced different levels of abuse and it is important for the therapist to understand how affected the victim of the abuse it. This way he can structure a treatment plan based on the individual rather than having a general treatment plan for every victim.

It will be used as a yard stick to measure progress

Knowing how badly damaged a victim of emotional abuse it from the beginning of the treatment will be able to show the progress made over time with subsequent tests. Even the victim of abuse will be able to rate the improvement as therapy progresses.

Provoke acceptance

It is difficult for victims of abuse to call what they have endured as emotional abuse. However when they start seeing the results of the tests, they may be able to look at themselves through another person’s eyes and see that what they have been subjected to was not right and that it was not their fault.

Restore the victim’s identity

If the victim of abuse sees who she has become, she may not be able to recognize herself, especially if the change is very visible. Doing the test may actually by an eye opener for her because she probably would not have seen how low she has sunk had she not taken the test. This test may give her the push she needs to recover and claim her identity back.

It may be life saving

Victims of emotional abuse often entertain suicidal thoughts. Based on the responses given during the emotional abuse test the therapist may be able to tell if the victim is likely to make a drastic move at any moment. This test may actually save her life because she will receive the support she needs in time

Emotional tests are very important for all victims of emotional abuse because it will be able to tell the state of their minds. Rather than make assumptions, this test will be able to tell exactly what is going on with the victim and it will guide the therapist on the way to begin the healing process so that the emotional and physical health of the victim is restored.