Invisalign Is Very Useful: Read Further To Know How It Works


Invisalign is a kind of treatment not everybody can take up. You must first undergo a proper examination to see if the treatment is right for you. Clearing the exam will ensure that you are the right patient for this Invisalign treatment.

There are two sides to a single coin. One vivid aspect that you must remember is that it works properly on teens and adults. If the patient is a child without proper teeth then they do not qualify for the treatment of Invisalign. For more information or to know the nitty-gritty involved, you could contact a local Carrollton dentist.

Once it has been judged that you are fine for Invisalign treatment, then for further treatment, records are made by dental clinics. The following mentioned things are used for record keeping:

These records are later sent to Invisalign, attached with instructions in detail for how your tooth/teeth must be moved. Invisalign later scans the impressions received and makes a 3-D model of the structure of your teeth. Once there are 3-D images on the computer, the correct permutations and combinations may be applied.

Impressions on the computer

The technicians may easily see on the computer how the final result looks.. This provides technicians with a look into your final result. Later on, the changes can be made and reviews may be done accordingly. This facility is a great support system for both technicians and patients.

Once the correct level of satisfaction is achieved, the Invisalign treatment can proceed. This normally takes about four weeks until the teeth straightening can begin.

The Function

You have to wear every tray for two weeks. Each and every tray is made specifically for your teeth’s evolving state. Your teeth are expected to move at 1/10mm per tray. As soon as you start using a new tray, you will see the straightening is happening. Eventually, through efficient working, you will reach each desired benchmark.

The Retainers

Many patients opt for plastic trays. Many patients have also opted for permanent retainers. These are fixed on the inside, lower, frontal teeth. This internal fixation has got a wire that is moved across the interior of the 6 teeth placed in front.

After using it for a while, you get to a point when you may have to wear it for a quicker time period. It is common for patients to question why they are wearing these different trays, but, by the end, you will see the results.