IVF as the Potential Option for Infertile Couples


Infertility can be hard to deal with, both at emotional and personal levels. Thankfully, there are more than a few medical treatment options available in modern medicine, which can offer a ray of hope. Among the advanced treatments available is IVF, which stands for In Vitro Fertilization. The process is mainly about fertilizing the egg with sperm in a lab, and therefore, IVF babies are often called test tube babies. In this post, we will talk of IVF in detail with some of the major aspects that need attention.

What to know?

Firstly, you need to understand that IVF isn’t suggested to every couple, although it happens to be the last resort for some. Usually, doctors look forward to finding the cause of infertility and based on the reports, they will start hormonal treatments. The next possible suggestion is artificial insemination, but when nothing else works, IVF is suggested because it’s a flexible option. Keep in mind that IVF is rather expensive, and therefore, you should know of the probable costs in advance.

IVF as the Potential Option for Infertile Couples

Getting pregnant

Usually, the process starts with tests, and if the woman and man are fit enough, the doctor will start with medicines. The women will be given injections, so that she can release many eggs in the same cycle. Depending on the status of the cycle, doctors will then retrieve the eggs and fertilize the same with sperms on the same day. The woman will be the called back for implanting the embryo. In many cases, doctors may suggest placing more than one embryo, and that’s the reason some couples get twins. However, there may be a few risks involved, so make sure that you talk of all possibilities in detail.

Finally, many couples cannot get the IVF bliss, and a donor may be required for eggs or sperms, which is also suggested by the clinics. In fact, some known and trusted Russian clinics like ivf-sunrise have their own database, so that their clients have the best possible choices. IVF can prove to be a great flexible option, and yet, if you are unable to conceive the child, surrogacy is yet another alternative. In the last few years, the number of couples using the procedure has only increased, and with expert doctors and advanced clinics, things are only better from here. If you have been losing hope or have been trying for too long, take a visit today!