Lactation consultants – boon for new mothers

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Lactation consultants

Breastfeeding the new-borns is a heavenly feeling, it is the breast milk which enhances the immunity of the child. You would have always heard from your elders that the baby who has had more breastfeeding would be fit and fine. But in order to make sure that your baby will remain healthy, the first thing is to breastfeed the baby. Breastfeeding is very vital for every new-born baby; the mother has to ensure that it is done in the right manner. The lactation consultants are the people who are trained in order to teach the mother breastfeeding.

The women experience various breastfeeding problems; these are such issues which can be treated by the lactation experts. The women face the problems of low milk production, pain during the time of nursing the babies and latching difficulties. These are some of the general problems which are treated by the best lactation consultants in Navi Mumbai. The lactation consultant will also help if the child is not gaining enough weight despite breastfeeding. There are many who have a private clinic, but most of them work with a hospital, nursing home or at a doctor’s personal office.

In the present modern times, there are many women who are not aware how to breastfeed their child. In such cases the lactation consultants are there at your rescue. Here are some tips to find the list of lactation support consultants in navi Mumbai.


The internet is always the best and right place to search for a plethora of lactation consultants. On the internet, you have the choice to search for the locations you want, you can find someone who is very near to your home. It is required to know the proximity of the consultant because you might need their help very often.

Check with your gynaecologist

Gynaecologists always have with the lactation consultants, because after the delivery of the new-born, it is their turn to help the mothers for breastfeeding. They will help you while you are in the nursing home itself because at home it will be difficult for the mothers to under the process.

Now comes the next step as what has to be checked once you finalize on the lactation consultant. You need to ask the consultant or rather check few questions –

Practice and repute of the lactation consultant

When it comes to breastfeeding of the child you should never take any chances. Choose a lactation consultant who is of good repute. Check with your family and friends if they know the consultant before. Besides this check with them if they have taken his / her services; this will ensure safety and also you shall get the best results. Next is to check for how long the consultant has been a lactation consultant. The credentials / certificates of the consultant need to be checked thoroughly before you hire one.

Financials of the consultant

Everything comes with a price and hence it is important to know how much they charge for their services. Ensure that it is not above the existing market rates. Also, there are few nursing homes which provide their services as complimentary soon after the delivery of the baby.

The lactation consultants are angels who help your baby to have your milk and remain healthy. Just remember you need to choose the right person.