Modern Slimming: A Guide to Coolsculpting


If you have never heard the term “coolsculpting”, it is an innovative method to eliminate fat cells, and many people are seeing the benefits of effective weight loss using this treatment. Stubborn fat, usually around the midriff, is notoriously difficult to remove, and no amount of exercise or dieting seems to make any difference, yet by targeting the area with a special cooling device, it is possible to freeze the area, which crystalises the fat cells. The procedure does not affect normal cells, and only attacks fat cells, which is ideal for those who wish to lose weight in specific areas of the body.


Controlled Cooling

Coosculpting involves a controlled cooling of the target area, using a special device, and if you are looking for coolsculpting treatment in Singapore, there is a clinic that specialises in this innovative treatment. The cooling effect does not harm normal cells, and only attacks fat cells, and after the process has caused the cells to crystallise, the body’s immune system will remove them over the coming weeks and months. While this technique does not remove all of the fat cells, those that remain will be condensed into a smaller area, and this gives you the appearance of being much slimmer.

Non-Invasive Procedure

Coolsculpting does not involve any incisions or suction, and the process is painless, and with great results, it is the ideal way to remove that stubborn midriff fat that just doesn’t want to leave. The process must be carried out by a qualified technician, who will ensure that your skin is not damaged throughout the procedure, and with multiple sessions, that ugly midriff bulge will soon disappear.

Chance Discovery

This innovative idea was the result of scientists noticing how children who ate ice popsicles had dimples, and this led to the development of the coolsculpting process. Fortunately, the cooling process does not harm healthy cells, yet it freezes a vast majority of stubborn fat cells, and over a period of weeks, the body’s immune system removes the dead fat cells.

Established Clinics

If you wanted to have the coolsculpting treatment, there are online clinics that would specialise in this treatment, along with other cosmetic programs that are designed to give you a better appearance, and after an initial consultation, the expert would be able to tell you if coolsculpting is suitable. You should only deal with an established clinic, and one with a proven track record of success, as this is a good guide to ensuring the treatment is successful. Typically, a person can lose around 20% of the unwanted fat, and with multiple sessions, a noticeable improvement will soon be evident.

Not everyone is suitable for coolsculpting, and it is only be visiting an established clinic that you will discover if this treatment can help you to lose inches from your waistline, but if a heavy exercise program and dieting have yet to produce results, perhaps freezing the fat cells is the best solution.