Most Commonly Used Drug Testing Kits


If you are considering employing a drug test, you should be aware of the different kinds of kits that are available out there. Below are some of the pros as well as cons of several drug test kits, which will allow you to choose the most suitable ones.


Urine Drug Testing Kits

These are the most commonly used testing kits. Results can show the presence or absence of the particular drug in urine. If urine comes out positive, it does not indicate that the donor was under the drug influence at the time but that they have consumed it recently. Up to 10 different drugs at a time can be tested using these urine drug testing kits.

There are three different forms of urine drug testing, namely the dip form, the cup form and the cassette form. With the dip form, the test is then dipped into the urine sample. With the cassette, the urine sample is then placed in a cup and later transferred to the testing device through a pipette. A cup testing form will allow you for the urine to collect and be tested simultaneously.

Saliva Drug Testing Kits

A saliva drug testing kits are useful in detecting the drug traces that are found in the fluids of the person’s mouth. This sort of test just cannot be contaminated as it is performed under strict supervision. On the other hand, the downside is a saliva drug test can merely determine current use of drug – not previous. Saliva tests are generally preferable as they are non-invasive and very easy to conduct. At least six different drug types can be tested in this manner.

Hair Drug Testing Kits

Hair drug testing happens to be the most consistent testing forms available; because the hair keeps track of drugs for a very long period of time. Through this kind of testing, you can acquire complete knowledge of the subject’s drug record – reaching as far as 90 days. Nevertheless, existing mutilation is beyond this test’s detection.

Spray Drug Test Kits

Spray drug testing kits are very simple and easy to conduct. They are also extremely reliable and very tough to contaminate or manipulate. On the other hand, the types of drugs a spray drug test can detect are very limited.

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