Natural remedies with the help of ACV


Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is made from apples that are organically grown and are left to mature in wooden barrels. These have many useful properties that can help you make your life a little easier. People use them as topping on salads as well as to rinse their hair making ACV a multi-tasking superstar.

Bragg Apple Cider VInegar is a brand of ACV trusted widely in the market. They contain the “mother” of ACV which is the residue of apple that indicates the high quality of the ACV. Bragg Apple Cider VInegar helps you to re-grow your hair and maintain its beauty in the following ways. It is not highly processed or distilled so that it retains the natural enzymes and goodness of the apples.

Here are a few situations where you can use ACV to smooth your day to day activities and make life peaceful.

1.    Prevent indigestion

You can dilute one table spoon of ACV in 30ml of warm water and have it before your meal. It helps in maintaining the pH balance within your stomach and reduces acidity and burning sensation inside your stomach. It helps in neutralizing the stomach acids to keep your tummy healthy.

2.    Maintains blood sugar balance

ACV consumption during bedtime will reduce the fasting blood sugar levels in the morning. People who have higher blood sugar levels can bring them under control up to an extent by regularly consuming ACV before sleep as well as before meals. Studies indicate that vinegar promotes insulin production in the body. A study conducted in Arizona found that insulin resistant people, who drank ACV before highly concentrated carbohydrate meal, had lower blood sugar levels later on.

3.    For cough and sore throat

Cough and sore throat can be really irritating because you tend to lose your voice and it gets itchy inside your throat every time you talk to someone. Coughing continuously is a sign of common cold or fever and it can mess up your concentration and confidence at your work place or wherever you are. ACV has anti-bacterial properties that will kill the bacteria which causes the throat infection. Also, ACV boosts your immune system as it contains prebiotic inulin which helps in increasing the white blood cell count.

4.    Clearing dandruff

ACV’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help in killing the microbes that cause dandruff and hair loss due to it. Rinsing your hair once in a week with ACV will help you reduce dandruff and prevents it from coming back again. It keeps your scalp healthy thereby promoting good hair growth. You can also use ACV in your hair masks once in two or three weeks.

5.    Reducing hair loss

ACV not only eliminates dandruff, but also helps in promoting blood circulation in the hair roots which helps in prevention of hair fall. It also smooth the follicle cells that lift up due to friction and damage thereby reducing tangling, frowziness, and breakage due to damage. ACV maintains the pH balance of the hair and the scalp and cleans it effectively, removing dead cells on the scalp. These dead cells prevent new hair from growing and mixed up with dust, sweat, chemical and gels you use on your hair resulting in their accumulation that can be harmful for the health of your hair.

6.    Helps in weight loss

Apples contain pectin which helps in suppressing the appetite. Suppressing the appetite before your meals can make you feel fuller with lesser amount of food, thereby reducing your total intake of calories. ACV contains almost the same amount of pectin as apples and you can consume them before your meals for gradual weight loss.