Never Compromise on Anything When It Comes to Your Health


Water is one of the essential needs of our daily life. However, its availability has become a reason of crisis these days in many places. The question arises, why there is so much of pure water crisis? What is stopping us from consuming healthy water? Though 78% of the earth constitutes water, there is very less amount of water, which is drinkable and can be used for daily purpose. The reason behind its impurities is its chemical solvent, which make water undrinkable. Infants are most vulnerable to these impurities as it gets accumulated in their body and leads to many health issues.

How lead enters our home?

Lead is one of those chemical solvents, which does not allow us to consume water freely. Lead that is commonly found in water bodies is a toxic solvent, which is very harmful for the human body. Lead is found everywhere around us including air, water, dust, and soil. So, it is not completely possible for us to cut off link with this component, but the least we can do is to reduce the amount of its consumption.

Due to these reasons purification of water is quite important. These days, there are definite Test For Lead In Water, which is quite beneficial, as it helps us by decreasing the lead amount in our body.

How you can be at risk?

Water is a daily used element, so it is obvious to get involve with it in either way. The water sources we depend upon are in the form of river, well, municipal water supply, etc. so we are not sure about the purification of water over there. This makes it essential for us to conduct a test on water that we use through different processes. Water is an element that can comprise of different toxic solvents, so eventually you will boil the water to get it purified, but it won’t remove lead.

If you find the presence of lead in your water supply then you have to perform certain steps before using it-

  1. Let the water run cold and not in warm or hot state for up to 5 minutes.
  2. If you heat water after it comes out of pipe then it also increases the lead level in water.
  3. Perform the same running process with kitchen water for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Do not waste the running water and use it for some other purpose like farming.
  5. Boiling water might remove other solvents in it but not lead.

Some people even find it suitable to consume bottled water. Even that is fine to use, but you should be sure enough about the water quality. As some bottle suppliers simply fill the bottles with tap water, which we do not even realize and consume it. You can even ask your water supplier to test the water at your place. They will even perform the test at your place at no additional cost. The most reliable testing place would be state run certified labs that will assure you with the water quality.