Nootropics – Increase your Brainpower!


Ever thought if you could increase your brain power and also enhance your memory in a way to complete your tasks perfectly and also be successful in the most difficult tasks? Many of us would have thought if it is possible to sharpen the power of brain and also increase memory to go up the ladder of success in career quickly and do well in exams and also be more active and energetic in day to day life.

There are a number to advantages of exercising our brain. Apart from improving the general well being and improved performance of the brain, it also helps with the role the brain plays in other aspects of our lives. Even though there are several ways to boost memory such as boosting memory by playing mind games, crosswords, puzzles, exercises and meditation. Now a days you can also find various drugs that can help in increasing brain power and are easily available in market. These drugs can be taken as supplements to enhance memory and cognition. These mind power drugs are known as nootropics or smart drugs. The meaning of the greek work nootropic means ‘to awaken the brain’.

Nootropics uk are popular herbal supplements that are derived with the help of another nootropic ingredients like Bacopa, ashwagandha etc.  Both of these ingredients form the capsules and powders. It is much more powerful than its predecessor drug and has long lasting effects on mind. It is at least 7 times stronger than any drugs. It is known to increase the brain power and enhance memory in old and young people in a similar way. It stimulates oxidative metabolism, it improves ATP turnover and AMP levels that help in raising the levels of energy. This results in increased protein biosynthesis and enhanced phospholipid metabolism.

What can these supplements do?

It can improve cognition, enhance memory and also help in improving concentration much more quickly than other drugs. The positive effects of this drug last much longer than the effect of nootropics drugs. However this formula that influences mind can cause agitation in some people but it is harmless and usually subsides with time.

It also increases communication between the left and right hemispheres of brain which makes it an extremely useful drug for treating people that suffer from learning disability and dyslexic children. In normal individuals this drug helps them to learn and grasp new things quickly and effectively. It is much better than other drugs of same class as this drug crosses blood barrier and helps in faster and better absorption and these results are quicker and last longer. As it is a strong drug to increase brain power and memory, it has been useful in treating disorders such as senile dementia, parkinson’s disease, alcoholism, dyslexia and drug addiction.


The dosage of nootropics uk depends on the body weight of the individual and 15 mg per kilogram is the recommended dosage. It’s safe and without side effects. Thus it can be taken by anyone who wants to increase memory. However, consulting a doctor and confirming the dosage one can take is recommended to stay away from ill effects if any