Pilates Offers Benefits for Everyone


We all have that friend who loves her Pilates class and talks about nothing else. If you’ve never stepped foot in a Pilates studio, you may be wondering what all of the fuss is about. When you’re looking for the perfect workout you may overlook Pilates as being too easy, but it can actually make a huge difference in your body and how you feel without causing a lot of physical discomfort. Learn more about the benefits of this great exercise and see why taking a class is a smart move.

Strengthen Your Core

A strong core is essential to you being able to move around, stretch, and have good balance without the risk of injury. The core muscles are the deep muscles of the abdomen as well as the muscles around the spine. By working these muscles and making sure that they are strong, you can reduce being injured. When you have a strong core you will also have a strong back and flat abs.

It’s Gentle

Pilates is a great form of exercise for anyone who needs something a little more low impact than traditional exercises. A lot of the moves that you will do in a Pilates class are performed while seated or lying down, and these exercises are low-weight bearing, making them great for people just beginning to exercise or those who need something a little less difficult.

Become More Flexible

People who practice Pilates will slowly become more flexible throughout their practice. There are no lengthy stretching sessions in Pilates, just the gentle moves that will elongate muscles and increase the mobility in joints. When your body is stretched and flexible, you are a lot less likely to be injured during normal daily movement.

Enjoy a Challenging Workout

While modifications are common so that beginners and people who have recently been injured are common in Pilates, as you get stronger and are able to complete more difficult exercises you will find that Pilates can be incredibly difficult. Your body will become used to the changes in intensity and you will notice that you are getting stronger each time you practice Pilates.

Sharpen Your Mind

Pilates is one form of exercise that combines the mind and the body. While a lot of exercises focus just on the body and the movements that you make, Pilates places an importance on really controlling your body’s movement. By concentrating during Pilates, you will learn what your body is able to do and become more in tune with yourself.

Perth Pilates is a great way to get exercise that is low impact but strenuous. No matter your skill level, there are moves in Pilates that can help you elongate your muscles and gain better balance and more strength. By focusing on your breathing and making sure that all of your moves are intentional, you will quickly gain strength while exercising with maximum power.