Pregnancy Due Date Calculator for Moms-to-be


When you come to know the positive result of your pregnancy test, you rush with an amazing feeling and excitement that you are going to be a mom and turn to plan the practical aspects of the pregnancy. And the first query most likely you ask is when will be your due date? Here is the need of pregnancy due date calculator for a mom-to-be like you. Human gestation is generally said to be 40 weeks starting from the first day of the last menstrual cycle. As very few mom-to-be ladies can say the exact day when they conceived, it is in general difficult to calculate the exact due date for those cases.

How is a pregnancy due date calculated?

To understand the conception and pregnancy, you need to know a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle and ovulation. When a menstrual cycle of a woman begins, the first day is marked as day 1. She will ovulate sometime after her cycle. The egg comes out on ovulation lives 12-24 hours within the fallopian tube. And, for pregnancy, that egg has to be fertilized with a sperm within this time. If no fertilization takes place then around 12-16 days after the day of ovulation she begins to start next menstrual cycle. The average gap between the two cycles is 28 days though it may be shorter or longer. Therefore the pregnancy occurs about 14 days after the first day of your last period. These first two weeks are taken into consideration of total gestation period 40 weeks otherwise from the day of ovulation it is considered 38 weeks.

What is due date calculator — week by week?

It is fact that most of the pregnancies last for 40 weeks though other factors are there that plays a significant role to determine the due date. A due date calculator calculates quickly your estimated due date based on the date of your last period and length between two cycles which is tailored for a longer, shorter, and average cycle length. If you are certain of the date of conception, you can put that date in the estimator tool use in various childbirth websites to find out your due date. In case you are not definite of the date of conception, the pregnancy calculator helps you to find out the due date of pregnancy using the first two weeks of menstrual cycle and as well as ovulation.

What to do when you have calculated the due date of pregnancy?

The first step is to schedule an appointment with an obstetrician and consult with him/her. The obstetrician will confirm your pregnancy after certain tests and can tell you more correct due date. Obstetrician examines the size of your uterus, monitor your little one’s growth on each trimester and guide you accordingly. In every three months or 12 weeks or trimester on your week by week calculator, you feel the difference within you and you will be thrilled while hearing first the baby’s heartbeat through ultrasound checkup during the third trimester.However, along the journey of your pregnancy only doctor will advise you the exact due date observing the baby’s growth and development in place.