Should you take an L-5 MTHF supplement?


Recent research indicates that many people have genetic variations that can impair the proper functioning of folic acid in their systems. If you are one of them, that means you need a solution to counteract folate deficiency. Supplements that contain l-methylfolate—the active form of folic acid—can provide that vital solution.  Despite the benefits of these supplements, many people do not know about them.

Are you among them? If yes, then you are in the right place because this post is going to explain some of the lesser known facts about l-methylfolate supplements. L-methylfolate supplements have some wonderful benefits which your body may not be able to do without.


Improved metabolism

This is perhaps one of the most notable benefits that you will get from taking any l-MTHF supplement. Do you have an MTHFR mutation? Do you know that by using l-methylfolate you can overcome problems with your metabolism and energy? An MTHFR mutation is a disorder that results in poor production of l-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (methylfolate or L-5-MTHF for short), an enzyme that converts food into energy that the body needs. There are a lot of people who cannot properly convert folic acid into methylfolate. With the help of methylfolate supplements, you can bypass a step of the conversion process and get your metabolism back on track.

Homocysteine detoxification

Researchers discovered that homocysteine levels are linked to cardiovascular diseases. When your system has high homocysteine, you are more prone to abnormal conditions such as stroke, heart attack, damaged arteries, miscarriage, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, dementia, deep vein thrombosis and lots of others aliments. If you have taken B complex vitamins in the past without getting results, you may need an L-5 MTHF supplement..

DNA synthesis and repair

Another wonderful benefit of methylfolate that you may not be able to do without is the production and repair of DNA. When there is an inadequate amount of L-5-MTHF in the body, you may be more likely to develop cellular defects such as cancer of the breast, colon and lungs. However, with regular consumption of l-methylfolate supplements, your body can repair damage to cellular DNA.

For those who have an MTHFR defect, methylfolate supplements are vital to health and wellness. Find out if an L-5-MTHF supplement is right for you.