Steven Lash, Satori World Medical – Man behind the Scenes


Steven Lash Satori World Medical and CEO is the man behind the scene of this booming medical tourism business model. What once was only available to medical travelers is now open to all people through their employee’s health plan. He said that this is a win-win situation that brings about several advantages including:

Steven Lash Satori World Medical %E2%80%93 Man behind the Scenes

• Saving money
• Stay at premiere class accommodation
• Be under the care of the best physicians and institutions
• Get personalized nursing care
• Travel to other countries

These are only some of the advantages of this business model. A lot of companies and advisers are still in the process of embracing this new perspective about providing medical benefits because there are patients who don’t want to travel abroad just to get their medical or surgical procedures done. Most of them just want to get it over with locally and thus putting a strain on the decision making.

However, according to Steven Lash, the company is the leading global network company able to provide travel related services in addition to the nearly 100% medical benefit the patients can get. He said that people may have forgotten that there are medical services elsewhere that are considered at par or perhaps even better than what the home country can offer. The truth is – health care in the U.S. may be good but there is definitely something better elsewhere without the high cost and the waiting list to think about.

In addition, he pointed out that the growth potential of medical tourism is expected to increase in the coming years because of the continued rising of healthcare cost today. If people are given an opportunity or an alternative to get practically the same or better quality medical service abroad at a fraction of a cost in the U.S., this should widen the minds of employers.

Finally, international medical institutions have started to recognize this trend and as a result they continue to improve their services and search for highly credentialed medical professionals to accommodate the needs of patients coming from other countries apart from their own. This will make medical tourism even more appealing than just depending on domestic health care.