Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking


When you want to quit smoking, it may be tempting to quit all at once, but that can cause more stress and frustration than it is worth. Nicotine patches and gum are not always reliable, and the gum is known to give users the hiccups within five minutes of putting it in their mouths. Other options, such as an inhaler, do not quite give you the same experience of smoking a cigarette, and there is more to the process of smoking than breathing in nicotine.

Once you know that you want to quit, you may want to try electronic cigarettes. Since their introduction to the public in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, they have exploded in popularity across the world. People in all areas of Australia have used this as a fashion statement, a way to enjoy smoking in more areas, and to quit the harmful habit of smoking tobacco.

The Ease of Transition

At first, the hundreds of e-liquid flavours and customisation options can be daunting, but there are e-liquids available with the flavours you already know. At first, it may help to stick with traditional flavours, such as menthol, to help you feel as if you are still smoking as usual. Quitting smoking by this method is truly simpler than other options, and you can safely wean yourself away from nicotine by slowly reducing the percentage of nicotine in your e-liquid.

When you first buy your starter kit from, you will want to go for the strongest percentage of nicotine available. This is typically due to the concern that e-liquid does not have the same amount of nicotine as a typical cigarette. This approach is not a bad one if you smoke a pack or more each day, but it is only a temporary solution.

Weaning Off Nicotine

Once you completely replace your cigarettes with the device, you can focus on slowly but surely reducing your nicotine intake. It may help to wait until you are comfortable with the device and are sure you know how to use it properly. It may be frightening to reduce your nicotine percentage, but it is a crucial step to regaining your freedom. By the time you finish the transition, the simple act of breathing in the water vapour should be enough to help you keep calm and focused throughout the day.

The trick is to pace yourself, as any addiction should not be dropped over night. Choosing to reduce your percentage too quickly or by too much may cause irritation, mood swings, and other complications that could drive your percentage up. Work to slowly decrease it over time, and never allow anyone to convince you to move faster than you think you should. After all, addiction is different for everyone, and some people handle the weaning process better than others.


Once you make your way down to e-liquid that is nicotine-free, you may be surprised at the amount of freedom you earn yourself. Once you hit this stage, you may choose to stop using the device altogether or continue using it simply for the enjoyment of the many e-liquid flavours available. You deserve the chance to enjoy freedom in everything you do, and an electronic cigarette is your chance to gain that freedom.