What Can You Expect During the First Visit with Your Cosmetic Dentist?


Many still don’t know how cosmetic dentistry can help them have dreamy smiles. Many beneficial cosmetic dental procedures are designed to help people have flawless and shiny smiles, just like they always wished for. Depending on your oral condition, personal preferences and other factors, you choose a proper cosmetic dental treatment to improve your smile look. An experienced cosmetic dentist will also give you practical recommendations after examining your mouth and taking X-ray pictures. Cosmetic dentists have years of experience and are professionally trained to perform these treatments. So, they know which cosmetic dental procedures are suitable for you. The first visit with your cosmetic dentist is like when you visit your general or family dentist for the first time. As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Vancouver explains, your cosmetic dentist barely performs cosmetic dental treatments in the first session, and it’s usually for getting to know your cosmetic dentist better. It’s essential to be comfortable in the care of your cosmetic dentist and trust them. The following are some things you should know before your first cosmetic dentistry appointment.

1. Consultation and Oral Examination

The first step after entering your cosmetic dentist’s room is to have a detailed explanation of your situation. You need to discuss with your cosmetic dentist what you want to achieve and your expectations from the treatment. Your cosmetic dentist should know your goals to help you in the best possible way. Your personal preferences and priorities are important to your cosmetic dentist, so don’t forget to explain them clearly. While some patients want aesthetic improvements, some of them prefer to boost their teeth function with the help of cosmetic dentistry. After the first discussion, it’s time to perform an accurate oral examination. Your cosmetic dentist should have a clear vision of your overall oral condition to prevent any potential problems. Some patients may need to be referred to other professionals to correct some issues before starting cosmetic dental treatment. Here are some things you may experience during the first visit:

  • Head and neck checkup
  • Oral cancer exam
  • Taking digital X-ray images
  • Patient’s bite assessment
  • Checking for signs of trauma, decay or damage

2. Exploring Patient Options

After having necessary discussions and examinations, it’s time to analyze and review the results. Your cosmetic dentist will explain to you all the suitable options to make the best decision. Your expectations need to be realistic, and it’s better to listen to your cosmetic dentist’s recommendations as they know what can meet your needs perfectly. Moreover, your cosmetic dentists may use a digital model and before and after pictures to make the decision-making process easier for you.

3. Ending the Visit

As the final step, you must schedule the follow-up appointment before the initial consultation ends. Depending on whether you want to continue the treatment, you may need to give the front-office staff some personal information. You should also check for payment plans to find the most cost-effective way.

Remember to find a cosmetic dentist who is reliable and professional enough so you can trust them during the treatment!