What Are the Severe Complications of Losing Teeth?

Losing Teeth

You may not understand your natural teeth’ value until you lose one or more. Missing teeth aren’t a small thing to sweep under the rug and should be immediately handled. It’s hard to live everyday life with a few missing teeth as your routine of chewing, laughing, and smiling gets disturbed. As dental specialists at a modern same-day dental clinic in North York describe, missing teeth can result from facial trauma, accident, severe tooth decay, dental infection, dental emergencies, etc. No matter what the reason is, it’s necessary to replace all your missing teeth as soon as possible. Leaving your missing teeth not replaced can bring many unpleasant consequences you don’t want to experience. Fortunately, there are many different tooth replacement treatments you can choose to restore your gorgeous and healthy smile. Depending on your needs, personal preference and condition, you must choose a specific type of tooth replacement option. Dental implants, dentures and tooth bridges are three popular options many patients choose to replace their missing teeth. It’s highly recommended to find an emergency dentist as soon as you notice your tooth is lost, as they can help you make the best decision. Here we explain the expected consequences of missing teeth you might not realize so you can understand how it is vital to replace them.

Unattractive Smile

Your smile will be less beautiful if you have lost teeth, especially on the front of your teeth. It’s not pleasant to feel ashamed when you want to smile with not replaced missing teeth. As a result, your self-confidence can be negatively affected, which can directly affect different aspects of your life. Furthermore, you put yourself at risk of facial collapse if you don’t replace your missing teeth sooner.

Bone Loss

Your teeth are the most important things to support your jawbone. Therefore, your jawbone will weaken if you don’t replace your missing teeth. Bone loss can lead to more serious dental emergencies and affect how you chew and speak.

Tooth Sensitivity

Once you lose your tooth, the root can be exposed. The exposure of tooth roots is a serious dental problem that can cause other severe issues like tooth sensitivity. It’s unpleasant to feel a sharp pain whenever you consume something hot or cold. So, it’s highly recommended to visit an emergency dentist to see what the best solution is.

Dental Plaque

The new gaps between your teeth are the result of losing your natural teeth. These spaces can help the damaging plaque forms because it’s so hard to clean those gaps or pockets. Therefore, you may suffer from dental emergencies like cavities, periodontal problems and bone and gum destruction.

Speech and Chewing Problems

It’s difficult to continue living your normal life after losing one or more natural teeth. Most emergency dentists say that all patients with neglected missing teeth have severe speech and chewing issues. Such problems can even lead to more serious conditions like digestive problems as you can’t chew your foods properly.

Visit an emergency dentist as soon as you find one of your teeth knocked out or lost. The sooner you visit your emergency dentist; the greater chance you have to save your smile!