3 Day Diet Plan to Lose Belly Fat

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A diet that can result in weight loss in the least possible time entices many people that have added pounds over a period of time, but find it extremely difficult to shed. The time factor is the main attraction in the 3 Day Diet that is expected to work like magic, allowing 10 pounds to disappear in a jiffy and giving a the body a lean appearance.

Does it stand to reason that a feat like losing ten pounds in 3 days and thirty pounds in a month is possible? There is a different menu for each one of the 3 days, with very little flexibility in ingredients. The common factor in the meal allowance for all the 3 days is only 1000 calories are consumed. This is significantly less than what a person would normally have.

Fit body

Achieving calorie reduction

Let us look at one such diet menu which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner items and contains less than 1000 calories. The key to reach the target in this diet is to strictly follow the measured ingredients.

When and What to eat in 3 days

Day BreakfastLunchDinner
1Black coffee or tea (Equal if preferred) or water
Grapefruit – 1/2 or equivalent juice
Toast -1 piece with 1 tbsp. of peanut butter
Tuna 1/2 cup of
Toast – 1 piece
Black coffee or tea (Equal) or water
Lean meat or chicken – 3 oz.
Green beans -1 cup
Vanilla ice cream – 1 cup
Small apple – 1
Black coffee or tea (Equal) or water
2Black coffee or tea (Equal) or water
Egg – 1
Toast – 1 piece
Banana – 1 /2
Cottage cheese or tuna- 1 cup
Hard boiled egg – 1

Saltine crackers -5Hot dogs -2 or beef franks- 2
Cabbage or broccoli – 1 cup
Banana – 1/2
Carrots – 1/2 cup

Vanilla ice cream – 1/2 cup3Black coffee or tea (or Equal) or water
Saltine crackers -5.

Cheddar cheese- 1 oz
Small apple – 1Boiled egg- 1
Toast- 1 slice
Black coffee or tea (Sweet & Low or Equal) or waterTuna -1 cup
Carrots1 cup
Banana – 1/2
Vanilla ice cream -1/2 cup

Is the name 3 Day Diet a misnomer?

After 3 days of diet, the dieter resumes normal eating for the next four days of a week. While overeating is to be avoided during this period, the cycle is to be repeated on an ongoing basis to retain the loss in weight. Most of the weight loss is expected to occur in the beginning phase of the diet. It is also maintained that the weight-loss isn’t actually loss of body fat; the body sheds water weight because the person consumes less carbs.

If you drink more water than what the diet permits, the weight loss could be less than expected. Weight loss will also depend upon the individual’s body metabolism and activity level. There is no conclusive data available to prove that people have lost the claimed 10 pounds and managed to maintain that body weight on a sustainable basis.

The million dollar question is what happens when the person resumes his/her normal diet? The weight loss may turn into weight gain and the next part of the cycle may be a fresh beginning rather than a continuum.  It would mean that the troika of extreme discipline, control and willpower would be the basic requirement. Do many obese people have this troika?

Secret of real weight loss

Can the 3 Day Diet stand to the scrutiny of a real weight loss program? Weight gain is often a chronic problem and is less amenable to an extremely short term imbalanced program. Any good weight loss plan has two major components:

  • A healthy lifestyle which includes healthy foods
  • Exercise- It must have attributes of sustainability, availability and affordability to achieve long term results in terms of paring the fat percentage of the body making it toned, lean and healthy. There will be far fewer people who will be able to retain weight loss through the 3 Day Diet plan because it lacks this basic rationale

Yet, for any special reason, if a temporary loss in weight is desired then the 3 Day Diet stands a chance. However, don’t forget to keep your doctor in the loop before starting on this experiment.

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