Activated Charcoal- The Benefits and how it work


The use of activated charcoal in the form of water purifier and medicinal purposes started many years ago. Charcoal was first recorded to be used in 1550 BC and in these days this component is mainly used as a medicine to detoxify and also act as a poison antidote.

The charcoal powder also helps in treating the overdose of the drugs. When you are consuming the charcoal at home at emergencies, all the drugs and toxins get bind to it, helping to reduce unwanted substances from the body. Activated carbon or charcoal is made by burning of wood, coconut shells, and debris.

The item got its name as the process of burning takes place at high temperature, combining with the gas or other activating agents for expanding the surface area. It is an important natural treatment used for trapping the toxins and chemicals that are present in the body. As discussed earlier, any item that is made with carbon can burn and form charcoal, but the most useful detox item is made by burning the coconut shells.


The charcoal powder can be prepared both at home or they are available in the market. As a citizen of Australia, you can take help of the online sites that provide various products made with carbon having medicinal benefits.

The use of charcoal is many. It is used for removing the yellow and black stains from the teeth. Stains are caused by wine, coffee and tea. At home, you can use the power to whiten the teeth. One of the best uses of activated charcoal is that it helps in reducing gas and bloating. It binds the gas-causing by-products in the food items that are responsible for discomfort.

If you want to detox your body, this carbon powder is very important. It helps in reducing the hangover that is caused due to excessive intake of alcohol. Drug poisoning can be reduced by the use of this carbon component. It is also one of the best items for water purification. You can buy the various charcoal related items from the online store like Mix Store, one of the reputed ones in Australia to live fresh and detoxified.