What Is a Breast Lift?


A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure in which excess skin is removed from around the breast in order to raise the breast and create a more youthful look. In most cases, the procedure also involves the tightening and reshaping of surrounding tissue as well in order to reshape and support the new breast contour. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, whether in Hollywood or Des Moines, IA, the popularity of breast lift surgery is growing at a rate twice that of breast augmentation surgery.

What Are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

Breasts naturally lose firmness and shape over time, a process that is accelerated by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations. Some women are more prone to changes in skin tightness and may experience breast changes and sagging earlier in life. A breast lift will help to rejuvenate a woman’s figure with a more youthful, uplifted breast profile. Also, for some women the areola can become enlarged over time. A breast lift can reduce the areola while providing an uplifted profile.

What a Breast Lift Doesn’t Do

A breast lift is not an augmentation procedure. It will not significantly change the size of a woman’s breasts or give them a rounded upper profile as is common with implants. A breast lift can be combined with augmentation in order to provide both a more youthful profile as well as a fuller look. A breast lift can also be combined with a breast reduction.

Breast lifts do not halt ongoing changes. Breasts will continue to change, even after the procedure, due to aging and gravity. The results of a breast lift can be maintained for longer with weight maintenance and by living a healthy lifestyle. Smoking, for instance, accelerates the aging process and can lead to changes in skin structure and appearance. Dr. Greg Ganske recommends healthy eating, smoking cessation, and maintenance of an active lifestyle to maintain healthy, youthful skin.

Who Is a Candidate for a Breast Lift?


Women who are physically healthy and maintain a stable weight are eligible for the surgery. Most women choose a breast lift because they feel that their breasts are sagging, flat, elongated, pendulous, or have lost shape and volume. Other reasons for choosing a breast lift include downward pointing nipples, nipples that fall below the breast crease when unsupported, stretch marks, and having one breast that is lower than the other. Breast lift surgery should be postponed until after pregnancy, breastfeeding, and other life events leading to significant changes in body shape and weight. Women who are interested in a breast lift should consult with a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon because the procedure is high individualized.