Benefits of going for a Regular Checkup with your Chiropractor


You spine holds your body’s ability to move and to function. With 24 independent vertebrae in your backbone, you can control the way your limbs work and even how you are able to perceive pain. Most people only go to the chiropractor Newmarket when the back pain, neck pain or headache they experience is already severe. However, did you know that you can benefit from regular checkups just to make sure your spine is aligned and you are not suffering from any nerve damages?

Back and neck pain

Sometimes, when your spine is not aligned well, you may suffer from chronic back and neck pain. When you see your chiropractor Newmarket, you can get a fuller assessment from the way you walk and stand to the way you lead your life. Most back problems are caused by past injuries which were left untreated. Some are caused simply by poor back muscles and posture. More serious problems may need non-surgical but professional chiropractic treatments. When you consult with a chiropractor, you can get this treatment and possibly assuage the pain you are feeling in your neck and back.

Organ functions

The way you take care of your back can affect your overall health because, unknown to most people, your back’s health can seriously affect the way some of your organs function. As your chiropractor Newmarket will probably tell you, your spine has a lot of nerves. These nerves transport signals from your brain to the most vital organs in your body. An unhealthy backbone can then lead to a malfunctioning organ, and that can be life threatening when left untreated.

Healthier pregnancy

One of the most affected parts of weight gain during your pregnancy is your back. When your back is in poor shape, it can affect the way your organs function, and could even affect the development of your child. By seeing your chiropractor Newmarket regularly, you can be sure that both you and your child are safe during pregnancy. Those who are suffering from scoliosis and other back problems prior to their pregnancy should not think twice about seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy.

Curing arthritis and joint pain

Sometimes, joint problems are also caused by poor control of your body’s weight. You can cure or at least alleviate the pain caused by arthritis and other joint problems by seeing a trusted chiropractor Newmarket. You might just be suffering from a misaligned backbone, which could affect your posture and the way you distribute your body weight. Too much stress on any joint can weaken it and even cause fractures later on. It is best to see a chiropractor regularly to make sure your body is in tip top shape.

Preventing surgery

Chiropractors aim to be pro-active and preventive in their treatment. They aim to correct the way your bones are aligned and the way you move and distribute weight throughout your body before any further injuries occur. You might think that initial treatments with your chiropractor will cost you money. However, because you are taking preventive measures, you are actually saving money. Surgery will have to be done when you damage your joints or back too much. Chiropractors can save you from the expense, pain and trauma of surgery.
Using a manual approach, a chiropractor Newmarket can help diagnose and treat certain disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Contact us today and let us talk how we can help you.