Want to run better? Get a rowing machine


Runners should also be Rowers. Does the question why pop into mind when you hear that statement? If yes, without wasting any further time let’s get straight to the point.

Why should runners row?

The answer is simple, for better endurance. Rowing machines such as the Model D Rower provides low impact workout and thus is the ideal mode of endurance training for runners. Yes your training should revolve mostly around running but during off season or extended gaps cross training can lower injury risk and keep you refreshed. Read more about the this smashing rower on the Model D Rower Review page

Keep in mind that both running and rowing are cardio workouts but while running mainly focusses on the lower body rowing provides a total body workout thus improving your abs, core, back, legs and so on. Apart from rowers, elliptical trainers too are equally effective. Read more about cheap elliptical machine for a bargain.

Note: Once you do get a rowing machine to make the most of your time on it avoid going too hard too early as it can lead to serious injuries resulting in a long layoff. Also over-training on the rowing machine slows recovery which in turn will negatively impact your running performance.

In case you are recovering from an earlier injury a rowing machine can provide the perfect workout to help you get back into running shape once again but before you hop onto it I would suggest you get the thumbs up from your physician first. Below are some ideal workouts.


This is one of the most traditional ways to workout and is interval training at its best. It’s simple, short and yet effective. Go hard for 40-45 seconds and ease it off for the remaining 15-20 seconds for recovery. Start off with a total time of 10 minutes and then build to 15-20 as per your comfort.

Time Ladder

This workout is called the time ladder because the intensity of your workout climbs up with each passing minute. There are no rest or recovery periods in this workout so make sure you do not drain yourself out before you hit the 10 minute mark.

500 meter intervals

You’ll need to keep an eye on your rowing machine’s monitor for this one. Here the aim is to row for a total of 4 sets the distance for each of which is 500 meters. Also add a 2 minute rest period between each set. It’s easy, straightforward and the ideal workout for the first timers.

Stroke Ladder

This is a 20 minute workout that is divided into 4 sets of 5 minutes each which is further divided into 5 separate intervals. It’s similar to the time ladder workout except here your strokes per minute increases which leads to a higher intensity interval workout.

The first minute of each set should be used as the recovery period. This will teach you to control your recovery rate which remains an important element of any training session.

But before you get rowing here are a few technical tips you should know.

  • While rowing make sure you push through your legs and stretch them completely and pull using your arms. Also avoid hunching your back or your shoulders and make sure you keep the movement smooth. Avoid jerks and bumps.